Wednesday, November 28, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday {11/28/12}

Well, I have definitely been busy lately and am loving it! My house on the other hand is not. ;) I think the most exciting thing I have in progress right now is a new pattern! I've had this one on paper since March and it's been killing me! One of those things I want to make so bad, but I'm trying to be good and get other things finished first. So to make a compromise, I've decided to let everyone else make it until I can get to it. :)

Neil named this one, Illusion, and I love it! :) Here's some mock up pictures I had on the computer to give you an idea of what it will look like:

The 12 inch block design

 Playing with color
 I think the blocks could also make cute trees if you arrange them differently. :)

As soon as I get feedback and some pictures I'll let you know what everyone thought of it and will add it to my shops! (I've decided to add all my patterns to Etsy as well. The free patterns that I have listed on Craftsy are $2 on Etsy to cover fees and my time in emailing out the patterns since they don't do automatic downloads. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know.) Though not all my patterns are free on Craftsy.

I've also got a good stack of quilts that are waiting to be basted and quilted (though I need a few backs as well still, and some need batting cut out). But they're basically ready to go! SO excited! I am GOING TO FINISH them this weekend at the latest!! I've got,

and a Christmas table runner, 

and that's all I'm going to think about until they're done. :)

I have finished up a few small items, though nothing new I guess. I also have a few orders to finish and send. I'll share more about those later. :)

What are you working on right now? How are your 100 Day Hussle projects coming? Do you have a lot of Christmas presents you're working on? (I need to get to those after I finish the above quilts and etsy orders... time is going to be tight as usual!) :)

I am LOVING getting back into sewing and being busy. 
I hope I can keep a good balance though... 
that's always the toughest part.



  1. Love that pattern you're working on :) I've been trying to get some baby quilt gifts finished so I can ship them off!

  2. I only have two 100 Day Hustle projects left and one of them is probably going to be thrown out. I was a project that went horribly bad and I kind of want to forget about it all together. But everything else is finished! And now I am working on a commissioned quilt and our master bedroom quilt!

  3. haha! I'm loving your pattern, as you know, it's wonderful!! I'm hoping to get some bee blocks finished today so I can work on it some more! And I'll be having a baste-along this weekend too, my stack of tops is getting out of control, and some of those need to be done, like yesterday! Excited to see how yours turn out! I hate getting the backings done, it's totally my hang up stall point...Good luck!!


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