Monday, January 14, 2013



I feel like I've been a pattern maniac lately. Yep. I have another one. I created this one in one day start to finish. It was just one of those things. You've probably already seen it and maybe some test blocks if you follow me on Instagram. (Instagram is killed the blogging world - sing it like Video Killed the Radio Star) :)

Anyway, this was a fun one. And I LOVE how the blocks turned out. First a few mock ups. I think I'm going to use this in mini version for my DQS13 quilt. Hoping my partner will love it.

DQS 13 pattern idea

a few more I put together while creating

Last one for the night. I think this one is my favorite.
yes, these are phone pictures of my computer screen. :} 
I am so lazy.

(ignore the line down the center) could be a fun paper piecing pattern! :)

Anyway, I had some SUPER wonderful testers for this! I am so grateful and impressed. Thank you so much!!

Jennifer of Mr. Chicken and the Ninja Kitties, made two blocks.

Lisa of A Day in the Life of Raising Six Munchkins, made this beauty. I have some of this fabric and it really makes me want to use it in this block. :)

Thank you lovely gals!! :)

You can find Starburst in my Craftsy store as well as in my Etsy Shop.

and for this week only, you can bid on it as part of a pattern bundle for the charity auction for Newton! be sure to go check out all the handmade goodies up for grabs!
Find it HERE. (on facebook).

Happy Monday everyone! 
I am enjoying my lovely new curtains this morning! ;) 
oh, I still need to share those on here.



  1. Oh great pattern! I love the secondary star pattern it makes when repeated!

  2. Gorgeous! I also really like how the pattern creates comes together in a complete quilt top. :)

  3. What program do you use for designing?


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