Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Week of Finishes: i LOVE you Pillow!

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This pillow was a last minute Valentine's gift for my sweet hubby. We don't really go all out on holidays, especially Valentine's Day. We have done fun things in the past, but it's just not one of those holidays that gets top priority for us. Sometime during the morning hours I told him if he wanted to get me anything, he could get me some chocolate! (which I ended up going out and buying for myself. lol.) Anyway, then I thought, if he's getting me something, I need to get him something. I tried thinking of something awesome prior to the day, but for some reason that doesn't work. I'm such a in-the-moment-idea-person that it is near impossible for me to plan anything in advance. Drives me crazy!

Anyway, then I saw this picture on instagram from Littlebitfunky. (Did you click on the link? You have to look at it. ... I'm still waiting!) :) Ok, I saw that and fell IN LOVE with those hearts! SO cute! I knew right away I wanted to make them into a pillow. So of course I dropped everything, pulled some fabrics, and started cutting! It really didn't take long at all to put together! We fit in naps and quiet time, and in between all the mom moments, I almost got it finished... but the embroidery took WAY longer than I had expected. In the end, I am really happy with it and feel like I am actually getting better at it. It wasn't done when the hubby got home, so I hid it under a blanket and stitched away in secrecy while we watched some Downton Abby. I still didn't finish it.

I think I broke 3 or 4 needles on this thing. Originally I only sewed two or three hearts together before sewing the bigger one to the next layer (so I wouldn't have to sew through so many layers) but I didn't like how puffy it was. I wanted everything to be sewn down, and so when I went to sew down the very middle ones, I broke needle after needle. Oops! It was worth it!

The next morning I whipped it all together, wrapped it up, got everyone dressed, buckled all the kids in the car and we drove off to Dad's work! (We usually don't visit him at work. Except to drop off the kids when I have a dr's apt that I can't take them all too. We did actually go the day before Valentine's Day and brought him some sugar cookies that we all decorated for him. It was a  lot of fun!)

Excited to decorate! I'll have to eat the ugly ones. They don't ever taste as good. ;)
pre-decorated sugar cookies :)

He wasn't supposed to have any meetings at the time we showed up, but I guess one got rescheduled. We stayed for a minute and gave him his surprise pillow! He had no idea what I was working on, and I think he thought I was just going to make it into a wall hanging. He LOVES pillows! And he was so happy to get this one! He said he showed everyone he worked with. lol. So funny.


Back - orange is his favorite color, I think.

Anyway, now that it's home, he uses it a lot, and I love it! I've made him things in the past that he never uses, so I kind of went on strike for a while and wouldn't make him anything. lol. I'm glad I finally found what he likes. :) (As a kid his mom wanted him to do something, I can't remember what, and said that if he did it he could have anything he wanted. A bike, a toy, anything. All he wanted was a new pillow. lol. Since we've been married he has also bought a few new pillows. I think it's cute!) :) He is also very pretective about it. Sometimes I hear him tell the boys, "That's my pillow! Be nice to it!" or "Bring my pillow back in here! What are you doing with it?" lol. So funny, but makes me so happy. :)


I definitely do love this guy!!


So there is my finish for the day! I hope you'll keep linking up your finishes! I am really enjoying reading about them! You all make some AMAZING items! :)

Oh, and be sure to add a link in your post back to here if you link up (even if it's an older post) so that people can come join in the fun! :) Thanks!

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  1. Great heart pillow! Love the bright colors! Thanks for hosting a fun link party!

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