Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winner Winner!

How did you all like the Rafflecopter?? I think I liked it, and would be happy to use it again. One thing that is nice about it, is that I can still read all your comments, but my email is not bombarded with entries. I Love your entries and comments, but with three little kids, it's impossible to look at my email all day. This is a good alternative... I can read them during breaks and it all works out! :)


Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for the free copy of "My First Alphabet"! I love all your ideas! and decided to make a list of them to share. There were a lot of creative ideas, and I definitely want to use some of them. :)

  • A bag covered in type - inspired by an exhibit at the Hirschorn Museum
  • My last name
  • Love
  • Son's/daughter's name - on a quilt, throw pillow, pillow case
  • Love pillow
  • Names: last name, son's/daughter's names, friends name, siblings names,
  • Quilts for specific person with their name on it
  • Pillow cover with our last name for our bed
  • Some alphabet textile items
  • back packs for the grandkids
  • Karma framed on the wall
  • "Stars" for the back of the lucky starts BOM quilt
  • Quilt for daughter with "love always, Mama"
  • awesomesauce. just because it should be used
  • dogs name on a quilt
  • baby quilt with baby's name
  • A quilt for my daughter with nothing but positive words to lift her up everyday!
  • a bib with the childs initial on it :)
  • Peace
  • A playmat
  • Welcome... As a wall hanging!!
  • I would make a wall hanging with words of inspiration..
  • I need to finish a picture quilt and this would be perfect.
  • A throw pillow cover with a short phrase or state name maybe? This alphabet is so cute!
  • SEW
  • Love
  • Valentine
  • faith
  • I would like to make a pillow for my grandparents diamond wedding celebration
  • I'd make a giant sampler quilt - whole alphabet
  • I'd like to make a "Touch this quilt" quilt!
  • Quilts for grands' names with appliques: S is for sun, etc
  • supercalfragilistic! (sp)
  • I might make a quilt with song lyrics. :)
  • My first word would definitely be CALM (maybe with 337 exclamation points following it!)
  • A Valentine's day pillow would be my first project.
  • To make a diaper bag for my friends new granddaughter. Her name is going to be Faith and she wants it worked into the side of the bag. I'm thinking of using my Amy Butler Weekender Bag and this pattern for the front pocket
  • I still have to finish my sons' quilts, and I would love to add a personal "love you" on the back of each.
  • Blog name
  • I have a saying perfect for our family which I would love to make into a quilt for my Mother in law - I can't remember it exactly but it's about a family being a circle, every new member makes it stronger and each loss brings it closer together. Love the alphabet!
  • simple
  • I have a lap quilt i need to expand without just adding a border; I would put inspirational words around the edges, I think!

Ok, ok, onto the winner:

Congrats Nikita! I actually already contacted her and sent off the pattern.

 I will have to do another giveaway once my next pattern is out... they are too much fun. :)

If you are interested in getting a copy, you can find it on Craftsy or Etsy!

Thanks for all your support!!
It means the world to me! :)


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  1. i favorited it on etsy. i love that the letters are straight, not wonky. i bought kelly bowsers alphabet a while ago and i have used it often but sometimes i just want straight letters. also, i didn't know you sell washi in your etsy store! i just bought some the other day and i am bummed i didn't get it from you!!!!! next time, i promise! xoxo


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