Wednesday, February 6, 2013

W.i.P. Wednesday {2/6/12}

Hello! :) Today is the last day to enter the giveaway for a free copy of My First Alphabet, a paper piecing pattern. You can enter HERE. I am loving everyone's ideas for what they would do with it! Thanks for making my to-do list longer. ;)

I feel like I've been having Crafters ADD times a million lately. I am working on so many things, or at least feel like it. I keep going around in circles from one project to the next, but honestly, I think the variety helps keep me motivated and I feel like I'm accomplishing a lot. 

In the sewing area I have been working on my DQS13 mini. Here's where I'm at right now... 


I started with just a corner of it, and actually have one more row to test. I was SO nervous about how these colors were going to come together, but I am really loving it! I hope my partner does too! The single squares are 2.5" finished, and I have 39 more to go AFTER I finish this next row. They are small and the pattern is simple enough, so it goes fairly fast. :) It's my Starburst pattern (you can find it on Craftsy or Etsy).

I am also almost finished with a new cover for our mini trampoline. The original one got shredded!

I think it's safe to say that the mini trampoline cover has gotten a little thrashed. Time for a new one!

New! and my little drummers.
I am hoping this one will hold up a lot better. ;)
I used some Home Dec fabric by Jessica Jones. Nice to finally use this from my stash.

All I have left to do is make wholes for the legs to go through. We will be jumping in style now! :)

I've also been slowly adding onto this project:

13 rows finished, 5 more to go! so excited to turn this into a knitting roll, for ME! :D
1" finished HST's. It makes me just a little bit mad (as in crazy) but I am loving it. I will be turning it into a knitting roll, similar to the one I made for the Sew Sew Modern swap. So excited to have something nice for myself for once. ;)

(ps. I'm still waiting for my items to arrive and I am DYING!!! It is so hard to watch everything awesome get snatched up and wonder what is going to be left for me... even though it's all awesome so I am in no way disappointed. The suspense is just killing me!)

While I was waiting for my Woodland Sampler to arrive, yep, I'm jumping on board with that one. I decided to do a little cross stitch of my own and came up with a little surprise. I want to have this up in the next few days... I want to make a million of these! (this is actually my second one!)

I don't think I've done any crossstitch since I was in elementary school, maybe jr. high. I LOVE it! It's so relaxing and fun. I'm really excited for my new, easy to travel with, project!

Though I want to turn it into a calendar instead of just a single panel. I'm using this cute button calendar from I heart Patchwork as my inspiration.

I have a plan. Instead of putting my woodland sampler together in one strip, I'm going to stitch each month separately, then try to come up with a cross stitch variation of this button calendar from the book I <3 Patchwork. Now to figure out how to do tha

I am also slowly working on my honey cowl. Mostly just in the car while my hubby drives. I think I am officially the slowest knitter in the world! But I'm determined to finish it.

As for a finish, I made up this cute little zippy pouch for a good friend. It was her birthday on Sunday, and since we still had sickies, we all stayed home and it's still sitting on my desk. She'll get it this weekend at least. :)


I used some remix dots (I think) for Robert Kaufman. I picked them up at Sew Mama Sew while they were having a good sale. Love it! And the dots are awesome for spacing out my stitching. Wahoo!

The inside with a little pocket.

and I added a zipper pull. :)

It looks more like a St. Patrick's Day present with all the green. lol. :)

OH! and on the computer front (I told you I've been multitasking!) ;) I finished up the UPPERCASE letters of the new My ABC's pattern. Except we ran out of printer ink so I can't test it. It may be another few weeks before this one gets released. I'm excited about it though. and then the lowercase will be next.


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On the schedule for tomorrow... potty training. 
Wish me luck!



  1. Wow. I am in awe of your 1 in triangle. The precision and the work that went into them is incredible.

  2. Seriously, a custom-made mini trampoline edge cover. How awesome is that??! One of a kind, I'm sure. Your projects all look so great.

  3. Oh, so many projects! I love you starburst setting and the colours too.

  4. 2.5" !! You are insane !! But awesome. It looks absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see it all done :)

  5. I feel your pain on the HSTs! I just finished sewing all my HSTs yesterday, I have to iron and trim 60 of them. No where near the amount you are doing though! Love your Starburst pattern! Your DQS looks great! Good luck on the potty training! I am down to one in diapers and it is such a great feeling... although I have to admit I still have one that is in pull-ups overnight.

  6. What great projects. I love that you are into tiny piecing. Those starbursts are gorgeous.

  7. *love* the trampoline cover. :D And your mini is going to be super-duper cool!

  8. Your DQS looks great! And I plan to cover my trampoline too, thanks!

  9. You are totally mad - 1" hst - but I've done them too and I love them - we'll be mad together! I also love your dqs quilt - I didn't realise how small it was! Beautiful

  10. Love your DQS quilt. It is lovely.

  11. Hi! Didn't want to read and run. It's always great to see what you are up to - I am amazed at your energy!

  12. wow, i love all your projects! The colors and pattern of your starburst blocks are really fun. I have never cross stitched but bought the Sampler too as i love woodland animals but haven't started yet. You must have a lot of patience to do those teeny, tiny blocks!!

  13. Ooh so much loveliness! I just love love love your mini! It looks fantastic!

  14. you have been so busy lately! everything is so lovely lovely lovely! i really have been itching to start cross stitching.


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