Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Birthday is in March!! LET'S CELEBRATE!!

My birthday is coming up and I've been contemplating what I should do to celebrate! Last year I offered each of my patterns at discounted prices, one per day. That was fun! I've also done giveaways and coupons. And I can't remember what else, but I know every year it's been something different. I am kind of excited about my idea for this year, and I hope you'll play along!!

I feel like it might be a little selfish asking this, but it is my birthday after all, right?! :D Here's what I've got set up:

I made a form to fill out and attached it below. Simply share any and all projects you've made using any of my patterns!! I LOVE love Love to see what you make (you all are so creative with your fabric choices and layouts, and I love to see your beautiful work!!)! So I'm asking that for my birthday, you share your pictures with me! Whether you made an item or received an item, if it's your picture, you can enter!

Here is my Cathedral's block. 
I'm going to make a quilt of these for my bed as my next big project I think!

Here's the fun part! Each week I will pick a number of winners (for a total of 33 winners over the month... that's how old I'll be. I'm getting old.) ;) And each winner will get to choose a FREE pattern of their choice! I will also include in the pattern pool a bunch of patterns I have been working on that aren't yet finished, including quilt patterns. If you pick a not-yet-released pattern, I'll send it to you as soon as it's finished! (and I'll finish those first!) :) This way if you already own the patterns of mine that you like, there will be more available that you perhaps don't own yet. :) I'll share new patterns throughout the month... I'd love to get your input of what I should finish first. :)

Here is my Pixie Stixs pattern - not yet released. 
With the reverse block, it has some fun design options! 
I might continue to tweak it just a little more, but I like it!

How does that sound?! I hope you'll play along! And I hope it will be a fun month! I will be spotlighting entries on my blog throughout the month, so please let me know if you prefer that I don't share your picture. Otherwise I'll assume it's ok. Is that fair?! I included a question on the form so you can let me know if I can share or not. I figure that's easier than assuming. I'll also pin images from your links to my Pinterest board, so be sure to check out what everyone is making! :) If your image is already on there, you can share that link if you prefer.

I'll officially start the party once March begins, but I wanted to give you a heads up so you can start sharing links now! I'll pick a bunch of winners at least every Friday, if not more often, so the sooner you start sharing, the better your chances are of winning! (And I will probably throw out some coupons too during the month, so be sure to check back!)

You don't have to share a picture of a finished project! If you've bought a pattern of mine in the past, but are hesitant to start or haven't had the time, this is a great excuse to get started!!! I'd be happy to share tips and tricks throughout the month to help you along - if you want! Just let me know! I might even make up some of my own patterns this month. :)

Have a wonderful {almost} weekend!!


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  1. What a great celebration idea! Do tutorials count? Even though I've printed a stack of Scrap Attacks, I've never started them. Paper piecing new to me...but I saw the Candy Land tutorial and ran with that idea! thank you for sharing it!


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