Monday, March 16, 2015

Star Gazing Baby Quilt and More Fab Blocks!

I decided on Saturday night that I am going to make my baby's baby quilt out of these Star Gazing blocks! Here's the layout I came up with:

 The larger blocks will be 18" blocks, and the strip is 9 - 6" blocks.

 and I think that my Erin McMorris collection will be perfect for it!

Bad camera phone picture inside my closet. But even then, the colors still look so good!! ;)

I will definitely combine blocks to create some fun optical illusions, but I'll figure that out a little later.

First, my hubby keeps reminding me that I need to finish the quilt for my last baby. :) I made this one block over 2 years ago, and then somehow lost the file I had written the pattern up in. Hopefully it won't take me too long to figure it out again.

I think this will be a fun, and very modern, baby quilt. I showed the now almost-2-year-old this block yesterday and he just petted it! :) I'm glad he likes it! ;) lol.

Do you want to see some more Star Gazing tester blocks?! I hope so! Because I have some more to share! :)

Allison (@allisonsews on Instagram) made this awesome block! I love how she combined the different blocks to create the illusion in her block - especially where she used the same fabric as the background as one of the inner stars that weaves in and out. So cool!

Julie (@joliemaxtin) made this stunning block!!

Patti (@redhotquilts on Instagram ) made this beautiful block!

Debbie (@mumziepooh on Instagram) made this beautiful block! (I admit, I just love blues and greens together!!) I love how this pops with the lighter colors in the center!

Holly (@hollygetsquilty on Instagram) made this amazing block!!

I really have some of the best people test my blocks!! I'm always amazed with the amount of feedback I receive! And to see such awesome blocks!! Thank you so much ladies!!!!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a free copy of the pattern!!
I'll pick a winner tomorrow.
But if you can't wait! Each size, plus a collection of all the sizes, are available here or here.

I hope you are having a happy Monday! We are on Day 1 of spring break, and I'm kind of wishing the week was over already. ;p  I'm tired, and I miss the quiet. But it'll be a fun week! (Please stay warm!!) :)



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