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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Week of Finishes: Mabel's Car Quilt

This  is one of my original 1st Quarter FAL projects. You can find the original post with all the projects here. I'll be linking this up at She Can Quilt here.

from blank pages...
A Week of Finishes is all about blogging and finally sharing the things I have finished. I hope you'll join me! The linky will be open until Monday night, March 4th.

Yesterday I shared Mabel's doll quilt, so I figured today would be a good day to share her car quilt! I've wanted to make all my kiddos car quilts for a few years now, but obviously never got around to it. It is SO cold here in Iowa that I couldn't wait any longer, well, at least for one of them. Winter isn't quite over, so I'm glad she'll get to use this one at least for a little while longer. :) (and I'm sure we'll keep it in there into the summer. I like having a blanket in the car.) Originally I was going to put a pocket on the back to stick your feet in to keep them warm, but when I tested out the idea, it was pretty bad. lol. :)  Anyway, here it is!

The front
Made with a jelly roll of Lola's Posies, Riley Blake and kona white

I love the back too!  Made from Anna Maria Horner folksy flannel. SO SOFT!! :)

I decided to only quilt in the sashing, which some I love and some I don't. I mostly did a different design in each strip, but by the end I started repeating my favorites. I need to keep practicing my FMQ, and this is a fun way to do it.

These are my favorite stitches

And the other ones

Sometimes I wonder if everyone's quilts are always perfect?! or if all the amazing pro quilters out there ever had "practice" quilts, or quilts that weren't so perfectly awesome. Mine definitely are not the later, but that's ok. Maybe one day I'll get there! :)


So here's to another finish! Yeah! I have one more quilt to bind and another small one I haven't shared yet. All I can say is that binding is getting so boring! Ha! I'm glad I have these out of the way! I still have two more quilts that are waiting to be basted, then onto some other not-so-close-to-being-finished projects. :)

UPDATED to add: The piecing of the strips was inspired by the back of Elizabeth Hartman's "Touch This Quilt" quilt. I've wanted to do this ever since I saw it, and am planning to do the back of my kaleidoscope quilt the same way.

Go ahead and link up your finishes! Be sure to link back here so others can come join in the fun. :) (the linky is the exact same every day this week, so if you posted on Monday, it will show up on every day's list. just fyi.) :)

from blank pages...



  1. It's lovely and your little one is so precious. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  2. Awww - She's so darn cute! (I had a stripper, too. I'd hear a triumphant: "I'm *nekked*!!!" Was so funny.) Very pretty quilt, too. :)

  3. Such a cute quilt for a cute little girl... love how you quilted it and what a great idea to play with FMQ.


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