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Monday, September 9, 2013

Grandma's Lawn Chair Quilt Pattern & Blog Hop

Grandma's Lawn Chair Blog Hop @ from blank pages...

Welcome to my Grandma's Lawn Chair Blog Hop! I'm so excited to celebrate the release of my very first full-quilt quilt pattern. But even more than that, I personally want to celebrate trying something new and breaking through intimidation! :) And what better way to do that than have a blog hop, and loads of giveaways?!

I first doodled this pattern in September 2011. 2 years ago!

Last year I did a more complicated version of this same design, when I came up with the Weave Tutorial for the Winterkist blog hop. Then about 2 months ago I sat down one night, and put together this pattern! Before I knew it I had a handful of great testers, and I was making two quilts! It's been an awesome experience! I am SO grateful for all of the help I have received with this pattern. I couldn't have asked for better testers, and I am so excited for you to meet them throughout the blog hop.

Lap Size Quilt: all prints are Tula Pink, from a mixture of different lines
background fabric is Kona White
back is a chevron cuddle minky

While I was finishing up the quilts, I couldn't stop thinking about my grandma's old lawn chairs. Do you know what I'm talking about? They were made from a plastic webbing wrapped around a metal frame. The last few weeks have been full of fond memories of her, her home, and her beautiful garden. I loved my grandma so much! She used to babysit me a lot when I was younger, and I could go on for hours with all of my memories of her. I spent many hours outside in her yard and garden. She was an amazing gardener. She was also a quilter! She made each of her 20+ grandchildren a quilt, and every winter we pull ours out and use it! (It's made of a lot of polyester fabrics and probably weighs 100 pounds! lol.) With all of my thoughts of her, I decided to dedicate this pattern to her. Unfortunately she passed away while I was in college, long before I ever thought about quilting. It would have been fun to learn from her!

Due to one delay after another this weekend, in regards to getting this last quilt finished, I barely made it out to gets photos before the sun set. I had fun taking the pictures, but unfortunately it wasn't the best lighting for the quilts. :) Can I be fired from my own blog hop for being so late?!


About my Grandma's Lawn Chair Quilt Pattern:

The pattern finished up at 15 pages. I think the final version is a bit different from the first. Which I'm sure is a good thing. :)

Included in the pattern:
- Table of Contents
- Let's get Acquainted section. :: I kind of like this section. It's basically a walk through of the quilt and what makes the pattern work. For me anyway, knowing how something goes together, helps free my mind to be creative and come up with my own variations. I wanted to pass that onto you, so you don't feel stuck using the color schemes I used in the pattern, but rather, come up with your own!
- A few tips regarding the fabric you choose.
- Cutting instructions for three different quilt sizes: Baby, Toddler, and Lap size. The baby and toddler sizes to vary by much, but asking my testers which size they preferred, it was split down the middle between the two. The baby size is great for smaller babies, using in the car, carrying around the house as a blankie. The toddler quilt is just big enough that it would be great to keep on the bed, in a crib, or to use for years and years as your child gets older! The lap quilt is perfect for a snuggle quilt for two. Or one. :)
- Tips and instructions for using directional prints as well as directional prints for the background fabric.
- Cutting instructions also include how to cut from yardage, as well as how to cut from fat quarters (or fat eights for the baby size only).
- Piecing instructions.
- Fabric variations and color schemes, as well as a key for cutting if using scraps.
- I really like including coloring pages for my paper piecing patterns, and thought, why not include coloring pages for a quilt as well?! There is a page for each of the three quilt sizes.
- LOTS of diagrams

I really tried to pack this pattern full of anything you might need to know, without turning it into a book. If you still have questions, or something is unclear, please let me know! I'm happy to help!

Baby Size quilt: All fabrics are Simply Color by V. and Co.
I cut the ombre fabrics so the strips are lighter in the center, and darker towards the edges.
background fabric is Kona White
backing is an Amy Butler dots flannel. 

While I was making this one I laid it over Jackson to test the size. He was SO excited and honored that I would make him a quilt. "Uh, sure. I guess you can have it." So I guess this will be his.

I think this is the fastest I have ever started and finished two quilts.  If you've been around my blog a while, you probably know it takes me YEARS to finish a quilt. lol. Part of it is that I really made myself finish them, but it also helped that this really is a quick pattern! The week we were packing and getting ready to go to Utah, I cut out the fabric for the baby quilt and finished the top in two days (while packing!). I was kind of surprised. I think I'll be making a lot more of these for baby gifts.

I was also surprised at how fast people got back to me with photos of their quilts! I really hope you'll stop by and check them out! (They are really cute!!! and did I mention lots of Briar Rose?!) :)

Here's the line up:

Mon 9th - Diane @ from blank pages...
Tues 10th - Julie @ Jolie Maxtin
 Wed 11th - Ginny @ Fishcreek Studio
Thurs 12th - Kelleigh - guest blogging at from blank pages...
Fri 13th - Sara @ Sew Sweetness

Mon 16th , Diane @ from blank pages...
Tues 17th - Hilary @ Young Texan Mama
Wed 18th - Mike @ The Amateur Quilter
Thurs 19th - Rachael @ imagine gnats
Fri 20th - Courtney @ Mon Petite Lyons 

Mon 23rd - Jamie @ Sunflower Seeds
Tues 24th - Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts
Wed 25th - Krista @ Spotted Stones
Thurs 26th - Cristy @ Sew Much Like Mom
Fri 27th - Diane @ from blank pages...

I really do love the simple basket weave pattern.

Now for the giveaway! 
Use the Rafflecopter to enter to win a free PDF copy of my Grandma's Lawn Chair Quilt Pattern!

Do you want more ways to win a copy?? Stop by each of the stops on the blog hop! Everyone will be hosting a giveaway for a copy of the pattern to one of their readers. That's 13 chances!

I am really excited about this new park I found for pictures! Isn't this bridge great?!

You can purchase this pattern on Craftsy or Etsy.
During the blog hop it's on sale for 10% off. No coupon necessary.
Thank you!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and joining me!!



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  11. Lookin good! Started my post for the blog hop already! :-)

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