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Monday, September 16, 2013

Grandma's Lawn Chair Blog Hop Continues...

Grandma's Lawn Chair Blog Hop @ from blank pages...

First I want to say Thank You to everyone who has been stopping by all the stops on the blog hop so far, entering the giveaways, and especially for all of your kind comments! I truely appreciate every single one of them. You make my heart sing! :) And a HUGE thank you to everyone who has purchased a pattern already. You rock!

Before I get into all the good stuff for today's stop, I want to announce the lucky winner of the giveaway from my first post:

Congrats Liberty!

If you are just stopping by the blog hop for the first time, be sure to check out this post to read all about my Grandma's Lawn Chair quilt pattern.

I am loving all the quilts I've seen so far, as well as the behind the scenes sneak peeks. I can't wait for you to see all the quilts coming in the next two weeks! Today I want to show you even more ideas on how you can use color to change up the pattern, and make something unique with it. I hope this will help get the wheels turning!

Here are a few ideas I share in the pattern:
(These are really rough ideas. They will look way better in actual fabric.) ;)

 Ombre effect! I like this one. 
Use lighter colors at the top, and gradually go darker as you get to the bottom.

 Two tone option 1: all vertical strips one color, horizontal strips a different color
 Two tone option 2: alternate between colors for both vertical and horizontal strips.

Warm/cool: use warm colors for one direction, cool colors for the other. (I know, purple is more of a cool color, but still.)

and of course the Rainbow quilt. :)

Here are a few ideas not in the pattern:

 Make the horizontal strips the same color as the background. Or just the vertical, using prints for the horizontal strips.

 Put two of the same color strips next two each other. Where they cross, it forms a # design. I think this one works especially well for a larger size quilt.

My good friend Krista said she wants to make a Christmas or Halloween quilt with it. I think I do too, now. :)

 I really love aqua and green for Christmas colors!
Wouldn't these make for a perfect Christmas present?

Want to come up with your own color schemes? The pattern comes with a coloring page for each size. :)

Do you know that this pattern would be even faster to make with a jelly roll??? After I get back from Sewing Summit, I want to add a jelly roll conversion chart to the pattern. Have you already purchased the pattern? Don't worry! When I update the pattern on Craftsy and Etsy, you can simply go back to the pattern page and download it again. You'll have all the changes and updates easy as that.

Crackers, a little TV, and they all requested ”Mom's quilt”. I'm glad it's big enough to share. :) #fromblankpagespatterns #grandmaslawnchair
Everyone's been using my quilt around here. :)
The first night, Hunter asked me at least a dozen times if he could sleep with it. Sorry little dude, it's mine! mwahaha. ;)

Here's the line up for the rest of the blog hop:
(I've updated the links of previous posts so you can go right to them, if you haven't seen them yet.)

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Mon 23rd - Jamie @ Sunflower Seeds
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Ginny's quilt was featured on Auriful's facebook page! How cool is that?! I took a screen shot of it for you Ginny. ;)

Do you want another giveaway?! I decided to cut that first giveaway short (it originally went until the end of the blog hop). I thought it would be more fun to also have a giveaway that came with some fabric!! How does some Shelburne Falls by Denyse Schmidt sound???

You could win a PDF copy of Grandma's Lawn Chair Quilt Pattern AND a fat eight bundle of 11 prints of Denyse Schmidt's Shelburne Falls (prints shown), and enough Kona White for the background fabric. That is enough fabric to complete a baby size quilt top. (Sorry, US only, for shipping cost reason. I hope you understand. If you are international, be sure to stop by all the other blogs for a chance to win a copy of the pattern!!! If you want to help pay for shipping, I'm more than happy to ship it international.)

Use the Rafflecopter to enter:

I will announce the winner on the final post of the blog hop. Good luck!

You can purchase the pattern on Craftsy and Etsy.
10% off until the end of the blog hop. No coupon necessary!

Be sure to stop by all the other great blogs this week! 
I will be leaving on Thursday to go to the Sewing Summit! 
I am getting so excited!
and I'm planning on taking lots of pictures this year. :)



  1. Oh I can't wait to see the conversion chart for making it with Jelly Rolls!

  2. Those kids look so cozy under that quilt!

  3. Very nice first pattern! Found u on sewing summit fb group. See you Thursday!

  4. What a great pattern! Definitely on my Have To list now!

  5. Did I miss the chance for this giveaway??? It's only 11 pm on Sept 27... awwww darn :-(


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