Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No April Fools Here!

I have so many things to be grateful for! To all of you and your kind comments (Thank you!!), support, and encouragement! For all of you who follow along on my blog and Instagram! For all the pictures you share of your projects!!! (One of my favorite things!) ;) Anyway.... I could go on and on! But basically, you are ALL awesome!!

So I am doing a NO JOKE flash sale!

You can save 25% off of anything and everything in my shop
Check out all my patterns in my shop HERE or on Etsy HERE!

Use coupon code: NOJOKE at checkout.
Coupon will expire in 24 hours! So don't pass up these huge savings!

I know I always say, "I probably won't do another coupon for a while" because I'm not planning on it. But then I find another excuse to give another coupon! And this one is definitely one of the best...

p.s. Sorry, coupons don't work on Craftsy, so no sales there. :( 


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