Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Hardest Part of Life

I've been thinking lately about how I tend to comment a lot about how hard life is. It is so hard!!!

But as I've been thinking about this I've come to realize my greatest trial/weakness/struggle: having trials.

It's not what the trial is, or is about, that is hard, but simply the fact of having trials. I just can't handle it!! I don't deal well with having them. Just the fact that I have them often leaves me feeling deflated, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

If I tear everything away and look at each trial for what it is... Piece of cake. I can deal with that. No sweat. Be it sick kids, finances, personal health problems, dealing with people who maybe aren't nice, cleaning the house, etc. But what gets me is the never ending trials.

They just don't stop. EVER!!! And there are always multiple trials at once. I just can't seem to deal with it! Lol.

So I'm thinking that perhaps I should change my perspective on life. My hubby helped me realize that the other day. (He's been really good about talking to me and lifting my spirits lately when I've been down, and I'm forever grateful to him for that!!) Instead of looking at what we're missing, not being blessed with, struggling with, look at what we are blessed with. What DO I have? With what and how IS the Lord blessing me?

But that's easier said than done.

Right now everyone in my family is sick. The littlest guy has ear infections that just exploded over night (as in we went to the doctor yesterday and he said it may or may not turn into one). He's been sick for two weeks now. First it was a fever, then cough and cold, now this and a cough. The hubby is also way sick with a soar throat. Two other kiddos are coughing and one has a cold.

It's cool. I can handle it.

But really, it's so exhausting!!!

Then this morning I saw this quote on Instagram and it really resonated with me.

Am I wanting to be happy? Apparently not. I totally believe it is a choice. I just seem to forget that a lot.

Also, add I was reading the scriptures this morning I came across this verse in 1 Nephi 18:16

Nevertheless, I did look unto my God, and I did praise him all the day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions.

Nephi is a faithful follower of Christ. His brothers, not so much - and they are constantly angry at Nephi because of his righteousness. At this particular section they are sailing to the America's, his brothers are going through a rebellious stage, and tie up Nephi. The Lord is angry with them and causes a big storm where they are about to be swallowed up in the sea. Everyone is suffering because of their circumstances. And yet faithful Nephi continues to be positive and have a good attitude!

I don't know how he does it, but I'd like to be like that. To CHOOSE to be happy and grateful no matter what my circumstances are.

Anyway, here's to recommitting to a better outlook, finding the good, and choosing to be happy, all while embracing my *opportunities* (maybe it'll help to call then something different!) instead of being overwhelmed by my trials.

I need to make this quote my life motto!

I'll start with being so grateful that I'm not sick!! Being pregnant with a cold - usually lasts 2+months in my experience. And a cough either means I gag every time I cough, or pee my pants! šŸ˜®šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ So yes!! I'm definitely happy about that!!

How do you stay positive during difficult times???



  1. I'm totally with you. Sometimes it's hard to see the good and sunny when there is one "opportunity" after another. More often then not on top of each other. But the sun is always shining even if it is above the clouds.
    I'm trying hard to just smile. Even if I'm faking it. It seems to make any situation a little better.

  2. I too have been where you are. So many trails, so many things going on around me, too often others drag me into their trails, or, add to mine. I had a choice to either let everything around me bring me down, or, walk away and let it go. I choose to let it go. In my case, it meant to let go of a family member that has ALWAYS tried to turn other members of my family against me. Sad part, it was all lies, and, came to a head when Dad passed away a year and a half ago. Good part, other members of my family saw through her, and, her greed. Yes, life throws us all curve balls, speed bumps we have to get across. Once on the other side of those speed bumps, it's smooth roads ahead. I've hit those speed bumps full speed ahead when I beat Cancer THREE times. I now live life with a smile on my face knowing I can handle anything God has in store for me. One of my favorite quotes: "This to shall pass".

  3. You are SO right! I've thought a lot about this lately... the truth is we will rarely be without trials in our lives. That's what heavenly father wants for us - TO GROW. But that doesn't mean he wants us to be unhappy. He wants us to learn how be happy despite the hard things. That's something we all have to learn.


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