Friday, April 17, 2015

February 2015 Finishes

I decided this year that I am going to blog all of my finishes for each month. I did blog January's finishes HERE. But then.... I didn't upload my photos for February's finishes until, well, this morning. But anyway, here are my finishes during the month of February!! There are only two, but I do have quite a few more for March, so I'll post those next. :)

But who cares about quantity right?! I love these!!

First up, I made this Celestial Star Mini for Sarah of You definitely should go check out her site! She is has some amazing paper product goodies!! 

I made this using a rainbow of Amy Butler prints, and Essex Linen (I think in flax? I don't remember the color names). But I love the texture of the two fabrics together. 

 I never know how to quilt this block, because I don't want to detract from the design, so I think my favorite way to go is hand quilting. And that's what I did. I did some blue outlines to help it pop, and then a light outline around the very edges, just to ad some more quilting mostly, but I like it. I'm a fan of simplicity.

Since Sarah isn't a quilter so much, I wanted to make something extra special for her. I hope she is enjoying it! (I'm always so nervous making something for someone else...) It was a lot of fun!

Next up:

I have a few maternity shirts that have the gathered side seams, and I like them. They seem to make having a big belly a bit more flattering than wearing an oversized shirt. I decided to see if I could find a good tutorial on how to do it. I found this tutorial HERE by The Sewing Geek. The tutorial works on any shirt, but she demonstrated it on her own cowl shirt pattern. I thought it was really cute, and liked the idea of a fun neck line (although you can't really see it in the picture), so I bought the pattern and went to work! I didn't really measure myself before cutting, so the front is the size small? and the back is a medium. lol. I realized I'm not as small as I used to be, and good thing I adjusted it half way through, or it wouldn't have fit! Though it does mean that the side seams are more forward than I would have liked. I really need to find some good knits and make some more. :)

Jackson took this picture for me... thumb and all.
This was at about 20 weeks pregnant. I'm now about 26 weeks and at least twice this big! I should take another picture. 

I have to say, not that I've made many shirts, but this tutorial is fantastic!! I love the details she included on making a really nice finished neckline (in the back) as well as making the sleeves not be floppy. It's a little longer than I would have liked (my fault), and I want to readjust the elastic to start up higher. But besides my own errors, it was an awesome and easy shirt to make. :)

And that's it! What have you been finishing this year?



  1. It's a cute shirt. If you don't want to give/loan the shirt, you could try putting in a gusset. I'm not sure if sewers would use these same term today but what I mean is adding a piece of fabric to the side seam on each side. It would look like a design detail but would give you more shirt. It's possible you could even add a piece to the seam in each sleeve which I think might give you more leeway with increasing the chest size. Now that I've typed all this, you might be better off to just make a new shirt in a larger size.

  2. I LOVE it!! I have it hanging in my studio and it's just perfect. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it, and for the shout out to Pheasant Press :)

  3. I LOVE it!! I have it hanging in my studio and it's just perfect. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it, and for the shout out to Pheasant Press :)


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