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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2017 is Almost Over!! Get it Before it's GONE!

I don't know if you subscribe to my newsletter, but one thing I have really enjoyed doing each year, is sending out a FREE birthday pattern to my newsletter subscribers on their birthday!! It's like a little birthday gift from me to you, and I look forward to changing out the patterns each year! (Because it's not really a gift if I keep giving you the same present each year! right?!)


For 2016 I sent out my Birthday Cake Mini pattern

For my birthday in 2017 I did release the pattern for one day in my shop, but otherwise it still isn't available anywhere else.

For 2017 the free birthday pattern is my Rise Above Geometric pattern!

This is my favorite pattern from my Rise Above series, and I've loved being able to save it for just my newsletter subscribers! (I LOVE to spoil my newsletter subscribers!!! ;) ;) )

Anyway, 2017 is almost over, and while I don't have any set plans for what I'll do with this pattern in 2018, I do know that time is running short for getting it as a FREE pattern!

If you want to, you can sign up for my newsletter and I'll be sending it out one last time on Dec 31st! (If you're birthday is between now and then, you'll probably get it sooner, but for everyone who has a birthday earlier in the year, you'll get it on the 31st! I don't want anyone to miss out!)

Be sure to stay tuned for the NEW birthday pattern for 2018!!

And.... if you were participating in the Rise Above QAL this past summer, due to morning sickness it has been postponed but will continue in early 2018! Stay tuned for more details!!

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