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Thursday, December 14, 2017

December Goals

In an attempt to not be overly busy or overwhelmed this month, I have decided that I don't want to start on any new projects, add anything to my to-make list, or add to my WIP list in any way. Instead, my goal is to finish up the *almost finished* projects that have been sitting in a pile for months on end, which ultimately consists of quilt and minis that have been basted but not yet quilted, and I think one that is just waiting for the binding. I'd love to start the new year off with a fresh slate and not be overwhelmed with things I still need to finish.

So here's my list of quilts I'd love to finish this month...

My Taurus Gemini quilt!

I actually finished quilting this one last night! I thought it would take me quite a while longer so I am full on celebrating the accomplishment! LOL! I am going to attach the binding today, and then I'll slowly hand stitch it on when I'm just sitting around. (uh... when does that ever happen??? haha!)

I'm super excited for this one because it's going on my bed!! This is finish is just in time for the cold winter we're quickly diving into here in North Dakota!

I'll share more about this one, and closeups on the quilting (which I'm so happy with how it turned out!) when it's actually complete. Fabric is Tucker Prairie by One Canoe Two. The light greys are by Lizzy House. I used my Taurus and Gemini patterns together and love how well they play together!

80's Geese charity quilt

This only needs the binding and then I can send it on it's way to warm someone in need. Since it's a charity quilt, I'll finish the binding by machine so it'll be sure to last a long time. Should be an easy finish. I'm going to do the binding at the same time as I do the one for my Taurus Gemini quilt.

All of these blocks were made and donated by my wonderful pattern testers!! Love how the scrapiness came together so beautifully! Pattern: 80's Geese 12 inch blocks.

Rise Above quilt

Some of the blocks still had paper on the back of them when I took this photo. Can you tell?? It's interesting how the light reflected so differently on the ones with the paper. ;)

This has been waiting to get quilted since June or July. I have some fun quilt ideas for this one, and with having some practice quilting all my other quilts recently I think I'm ready to tackle it.

The fabrics for this quilt are Mirage by Alex Anderson. I think they fit so perfectly with this quilt!!!I love how the Rise Above pattern is so great for highlighting specific prints! I used the Simple Sashing pattern for the sashing between the blocks.

Zodiac Quilt

I'm not sure how to quilt this one yet, but I'm thinking of doing something fun! We'll see what I come up with. Just needs quilting and binding!

 Fabrics are all by Sandi Henderson, pulled from my stash that I've been building for a while. Patterns are all 12 of my Zodiac BOM patterns.

My First Alphabet - Alphabet mini

I debated quilting this by hand, but I think I might do matchstick quilting in the background instead. That's going to take a while, but I think it'll be worth it!

Fabrics are all Anna Maria Horner. Pattern: My First Alphabet - 6 inch

Star Fruit baby quilt

I really want to try some graffiti quilting on this one, which I'm super intimidated by... hence the delay in finishing it. Any tips???

Fabrics are Alison Glass. Solids are Kona Cottons. Pattern: Star Fruit - I didn't piece the complete blocks so that it would look more like a border. I love that about paper piecing - how easily you can modify a block to adjust the design by simply piecing multiple sections as one piece.


I keep going back and forth on this one too... hand quilt or machine quilt? I have another dusk mini that I'm hand quilting but I'm not really happy with it. I might just undo the stitching and quilt it by machine, and then hand quilt this one instead. I like having a hand quilting project that I can take to scouts and work on while I wait for my boys, so I don't plan on finishing this one this month, but I'd love to get started.

Fabrics are a mix from my stash. It took FOREVER to find the perfect color wheel from what I had available. ;) This one measures 18 inch square.  Pattern: Dusk

My other Dusk block I'm working on:

This was the first version of the pattern, which I really LOVE with those white parts, but it was WAY too bulky in the middle so I decided to take them out. Maybe one day I'll add them back in. ;)

That's everything in my pile for now... I also have the Rise Above charity quilt, but I still need to remove the paper and baste it, so I'm not going to count it in this batch of *quick finishes*. Though it is on my list of finishes for the new year.

haha. The only picture I could find was from before I sewed it together. ;) All blocks are made by my amazing pattern testers!!!

I hope that if I can finish this stack of projects (uh... looking back at my list I realize that it's quite the list for half a month including holidays. lol. oh boy...), I'll be able to take a deep breath and it'll be like a weight off my shoulders, and hopefully give me a more pleasant start to the new year. Crossing my fingers!! ;)

Do you have any end-of-year goals you're hoping to accomplish?? I'd love to hear what they are!

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  1. Hi Diane. Funny you should post these WIPS here. Yesterday I was working on a xmas project and realized that my goals for 2018 include finishing as many WIPS as possible (or accept that I don't want to and give them to someone who wants them!) I have plenty of them piled around! It's fun to see yours and good luck doing them in the next two weeks - eek! I can't bear the pressure here - ha!!


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