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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Made It: Outreach Quilt

When I first started this blog back in 2010 (hard to believe it's been that long!!) I sorted all my posts with different labels in the titles of the post, like Made It - for things that I made, Fab Finds - for things I found that were awesome and wanted to share (this was before Pinterest), Our Story - for family posts, Photography - self explanatory, Sewing Basics,  etc. Last night as I was thinking about what I would blog about this month, I decided I wanted to bring those back. I probably won't use all the same ones, but I like the concept. (So here's a little introduction to why those will be in my titles - and it'll make it easy for you to filter through the posts you want to read and know what to expect as you do. What do you think about that?!)

Today we have our quilt guild meeting (North Star Quilters Guild), and we are turning in all the quilts that we've made in the last 6 months for the Outreach program. Outreach donates the quilts to foster kids in the area. (I love this!!)

Earlier this year the satellite group that I'm in, Modern Makers, made two charity quilts to donate. I quilted and bound one of them, and just finished it just in time! - like this week. Nothing like a deadline for good motivation to get something finished. ;)

Here's the quilt we made:

For the quilting I used the book Walking Foot Quilting Designs by Melissa Marginet (I met her when our guild went up to Winnipeg in May for our guild meeting - she's super nice!!) I love the book! There are so many great quilting ideas and instructions. And I love how the quilting fit the quilt. It's a great book if you want to check it out! Lots of designs you can do with the comfort of your walking foot - no FMQ! I love the possibilities!

Now to go get ready so I don't miss the meeting!! :)

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

Happy Quilting & Happy Creating!

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