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A Week of Finishes

A Week of Finishes is all about celebrating and sharing any and all of your recent finishes!
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In an attempt to help me tie up the finishing touches on a few projects, as well as actually blog about them, I created A Week of Finishes. I don't have a set schedule on how often I'll host this, as it was definitely a spur of the moment idea. In the future I'd love to have some fun with it and perhaps even have some prizes! :) We all love prizes!

Find all past and current Weeks here:

February 25th - March 2nd, 2013:

25th: Activity Book
26th: "i LOVE you" Pillow
27th: Mabel's Doll Quilt
28th: Mabel's Car Quilt
1st: Bee Blocks Quilt
2nd: Christmas Table Runner

July 1st - July 4th, 2015:

1st: March 2015 Finishes: 3 Tissue Covers, Orange Celestial Star Pillow, Star Gazing Mini
2nd: April 2015 Finishes: Mabel's Church Bag, Bib, Blue Moccasins 
3rd: May 2015 Finishes: Rockstar Pillow, Celestial Star Pillow
4th: June 2015 Finishes: 2 pairs of capris, Quilt Repair, 2 Pencil Mug Rugs, Simple Celestial Mini, Tommy's Quilt

Each week has the same linky posted in each post. Click on any link to see all the great finishes everyone has shared!

Grab a button and join in!

from blank pages...

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