Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bloggity Blogs: Cluck Cluck Sew

There are a few blogs that I've found in my time of blogging that I think I will be loyal readers of forever. My next couple of bloggity blogs will be for them. :)

Since I've been aching to quilt lately, it only seems right to start with this one!

Just about everything on her blog has ended up on my To-Do List. I have even made a few already and started another.

Here's what I've made and love love!
I am so in love with this quilt. Especially the colors and fabrics she used. The backing is great too! :) She has the tutorial here. It is SO easy and so fast!

I really like this one too. I started making it, but couldn't finish it with the other two quilts while my hubby was gone for the weekend with the boys (that was a great weekend! :) except for being sick of course.) ;)

This is a new (for me) pattern she has for sale! I know I said I love the other quilt, but I love this one too. :) Especially the gray she uses with the color. I might have to get this one for Christmas! ;)

Allison also has other tutorials and projects besides quilts. Like this one:
Another project for my to-do list! :)

And this pillow that her mom made. :)

Allison is definitely AMAZING at what she does!! I love her color combinations, her patterns, her tutorials. Pretty much she's a well rounded awesome gal! :) I even want to try her schedule! ;) haha.

Thank you Allison!! :)

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  1. Thanks for the blog love! -Allison

  2. Great quilting projects! And, you can find more quilting inspiration over at www.WeAllSew.com!


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