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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fab Finds: Halloween

I really love Halloween. My hubby is not so excited about dressing up and celebrating. But I drag him along and we always have a lot of fun. I think he's starting to enjoy it more! :)

Last year I found so many cute Halloween decorations and ways to decorate your pumpkins. Here are my pictures from last year. (and the link to the original post: ok, it's to all the Holiday ideas that I had on dbByDesign. So there is some Christmas stuff and even a few Father's Day ideas. Nothing wrong with starting early right?! haha)

Pumpkin, Pumpkins and Pumpkins

and a few more...


an up close view of the quilt idea - so clever:

Cute Halloween Cupcakes

They have plenty more ideas plus directions and how-to's on their site. ClickHERE to check them out!

I LOVE looking at all the photos. I've started putting a collection together from this years finds, it's not quite as complete yet, but I'm getting so excited for Halloween already!

Stay tuned for this years photos. I'll wait until I get a few more to put together. Otherwise I'm not sure how impressive it will be compared to all of these. ;)

As much as I love looking at all of these, and the many more that are out there, I am so lame when it comes to decorating. (Hopefully that will change when we actually have a house to decorate. Right now there just isn't a whole lot of extra space). :) 

What are your favorite Halloween decorations? or activities?

Picture Links:
If you want to find the links to all (most) of the photos. Simply go to the original post of these and click on the pictures. Most of these I found from the BHG Holiday emails. :) 


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