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Monday, September 27, 2010

Made It: Flashback

***I'm posting two Made It projects today. Make sure to check out my other one and let me know what you think as well! :)

Missy, over at Missy's Home & Garden Improvements posted a crayon art piece she did (go check it out here!) and asked what medium other people like to use. It got me thinking of all the fun art projects I did in High School and College, and even before that. (That is one thing that I miss about school. When you have art homework, it makes you do art. Now that I don't 'have homework' I don't do nearly as much as I would like. One day I'll go back!) :)

Anyway, so I thought I would do an Art Flashback! And show off a couple of my pieces from before! :)

Looking through my pictures I found this Yarn Tree that I made in elementary school! I totally remember making it and how much fun it was! :) Such an easy project, but the possibilities are endless of what you could do! (I should do this with my boys! They'd love it! Sweet! I'm so glad I found this one.)

Next we'll go to middle school. Here is my watercolor piece. I really like mixed medium, here I drew the lines with something and then went over them with glue. it kind of raised the lines, but also protected them from the water color. You can also first draw a picture with crayon and then watercolor it. It has the same effect.

Here is jr. high. 7th grade maybe?. I moved when I was 12. Thus the middle school AND jr. high. :) So glad you know that aren't you?! haha. ;) (I'm tired.)
A simple chalk on black paper. Always a nice effect.

And to finish off for today, a few from high school. They are all pretty random. But I remember them fondly. ;) Oh the days when criticism wasn't even a thought in the mind and creativity came so freely and openly. :) Ok, it's still like that I guess. (Though when you're trying to be successful at something and make it matter, sometimes it's a little more difficult to feel so relaxed at it. Guess I should remember to not try and make things for others and just make them for me.) :) ...just one of those realizing moments. :) Thanks. :)

Just a sketch during English class. It was a Shakespeare class... and sometimes it was a little too easy to get distracted in. Can you guess who this is??? :)

a still life
I used water color pencils for the detailed lines. Water color for the chair and dried reeds/flowers. And I think I used chalk pastels for the background, but used it on wet paper. I remember it giving it such a fun texture to work with.

another still life.
For this project I used chalk pastels. The assignment was to color by distance. The closer the object was the warmer it was supposed to be. The farther away it was the cooler it was supposed to be. I think had there been something else there besides the mower thing I would have really liked this a lot more. :) I guess I could just crop it a little more.

This one was supposed to be about us. We drew a picture and somehow transferred it onto transfer paper (I don't remember exactly what we did). But then we rubbed the picture onto a poster board and painted it with tempera paints. I wish I could remember how we got all the black in there. We either rubbed it before or after with something. I don't know.
Do any of you know??
If you are wondering about the waves with the mouth and the big tear, I almost drowned when I was little. And every time we drive by the house where it was at I always tell my hubby, "I almost drowned there." lol.
Somehow I won first place in the school art show with this. I don't know how, but I was pretty excited! :) (I totally would have gone with another girls though. I can still see it. It was so cute with the back of a girl swinging on one of those wooden board swings from a tree.)

Anyway, thank you for sharing that walk down memory lane with me! :)
If you want to post old art work I would LOVE Love lovE to see it! :)
I'll have to do this again some other time.
I still have a lot of artwork from college!


  1. Oh how cool. I love the tree. That would be fun to make with the kids. Thanks for the cool idea and for linking up at Trendy Treehouse!


  2. Wow! Such talent! Thanks for sharing it on Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions.

  3. I absolutely love that you've kept pieces from your childhood. What a great way to look back and it's great that you remember the stories behind them. I wish I had more of my artwork from my childhood. I am already setting aside a few things for my daughter so she has a portfolio when she's older. Thanks for sharing with us at A Crafty Soiree! Please join us next time too!


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