Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Bloggity

I was thinking, after writing a little about me, and wanting to get to know you. And with combining three blogs, and trying to keep it organized, that I better have a plan to make it all work! (though this has been my plan since the beginning... I'll just let you be in on it as well so you can partake it what interests you!) heehee.

Three blogs down to one.
  • My family blog.
  • dbByDesign - my crafty blog where I put all the stuff I made or did, or all things crafty
  • db Crafty Corner - my place to store all those great ideas floating around out there, inspiring pictures, great tutorials. Pretty much anything and everything I bookmarked. Blogs and pages alike. I guess it was quite simply a blog of bookmarks.
That's kind of a lot of randomness to bring together. So here's the deal:
  • Every post that begins with "Our Story" is family stuff. For the grandparents, siblings, and anyone else that cares. :)
  • Every post that begins with "Made It" is something crafty that I've made or done.
  • Posts beginning with "dbByDesign" is something specific to my Etsy Shop.
  • "Photography" is my photography adventures. (which I've come up with Photography w/a Purpose to kind of categorize it and give me some kind of a challenge. I'll add a linky to all my posts so if you want to join me, I would love to see you're pictures as well!) :)
  • "Bloggity Blogs" are those blogs I love to look at constantly. Where I can't just spotlight an item here or there, but everything is wonderful! (Only one a week, so it will take a while to get them all spotlighted!) :)
  • "Fab Finds" are all my bookmarked items. I'm going to try to stay organized and only have one category per post. As in Bags, Cards (or maybe just Paper or Scrapbooking), Art, Photography, etc. That way when looking for something specific, it will be easier to find.
Simply, every tab I have at the top of my page is a different category. I have the tabs set to find all the posts with that label. Some do overlap into more than one, but that's ok.

So my point in telling you is, if you have my blog listed in your blog list on the side, and if you show a snippet or the title of the latest post, you'll know when you want to come over! If you don't care about the family stuff, but only want to see the Fab Finds, you'll be able to tell when I've posted them. If you're my family, you'll know when the interesting stuff comes along. haha. Anyway, I guess this makes it easier for all of us.

and now you can know the layout of my blog.
Thanks for stopping by! And I hope you enjoy it! :)

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