Monday, January 31, 2011

Made It: Baby Quilts

This is the first quilt I ever made:


It's Hunter's baby quilt. I started it about 5 months before Hunter was born. My wonderful quilter step-mom helped me out. I remember being at the checkout at Joann's buying the fabric and commenting on how I hoped I would finish it before he was born. lol. My step-mom AND the cashier looked at me like, "Are you serious?! You have 5 months. of course you'll finish it." Little did they know, I didn't finish it until he was 1 (I think I finished the binding a week after his birthday). :) Oh well. :) It was quite the experience of re-sewing and sitting, and ug moments. :) But it's finished and we like it. Though doing it again, I would have picked totally different colors. Oh well. I did want it to kind of go with the baby book I picked for him: Guess How Much I Love You, so the colors do fit, and I do love that book. :)

Guess How Much I Love You

For Jackson's baby quilt I knew I wanted to use brighter colors, like in the book the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Very Hungry Caterpillar
I went with a MUCH simpler pattern and this was definitely a LOT quicker to make! :) Thanks to Crazy Mom Quilts, the binding turned out a lot better too. :) Fun.

I love the quilting on both of them!! :) They each have their names, birthdate, birth place and {heart} Mom and Dad around the edges.

I "knew" I was going to have a little girl, so quite a while ago I bought this stack of Nicey Jane fabric. I LOVE it!!!!!!

I can't wait to get started, but I have NO IDEA what pattern to use. I actually do REALLY like this quilt that is in this banner picture, but I don't know if I can see enough of it to figure it out. I did make up a pattern based on what I think it is, but I'm a little nervous to get started incase I don't end up liking how I figured it out.

This is from The Gracie Jane Project blog. You SERIOUSLY have to check it out. The whole idea of it is to make super cute baby quilts for babies in the NICU. Sometimes I wonder what I'm ever going to do with all the fabric that I have, and if nothing else, I want to do this! (p.s. Isn't that such a cute little baby?!)

If you have ANY idea how this pattern goes, will you help me out??? I will love you forever! :)

I really do love quilts, and quilting, though it makes me SO want a super nice quilting machine - which I do NOT have. One day. :)

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  1. Wow... you are good, girl! I envy your abilities, I just posted my second quilt, come take a look!

    I am stopping by from TGC Would love to have you take a look at my project, too : )

  2. love the colors! I have a quilt that I'm. planing on finishing ASAP , I also want to start baby quilts I have tons of patterns from the 70's /80's using simple trianle squares etc.


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