Monday, January 9, 2012

Busy Behind the Scenes

I think last week was a blogging record for me! ;) For a minute I thought that was going to be my new habit - regular blogging, but I think it just turned out that I was trying to keep from going insane from having a sick house for two weeks. Week one, we all had colds, Little H had a fever. Week two, we still all had colds and Little J had a fever of 104! That made us nervous. But he was fine. It was gone the next day! :) Now we're pretty much all better and back on our feet! Hubby N gave us a treat today and stayed home from work. Yippee! I slept all morning and he did some "spring cleaning" in the boys room! He tackled their bookshelves for me, taped and fixed all their books that Little H had ripped or chewed in his younger book-destroying days. (He LOVES books! When he was 1.5 yrs old/2, he would read one book all day long for a week. Then the last day he would rip out all the pages. It made me so mad.) He still loves books, but luckily for all of us he doesn't rip too many any more. ;) Anyway, it's nice that the hubby is on board with my clearing out phase! He also brought in a huge pile of books to list on Amazon! "Sell quickly little books!!!" ;)

I've also been pretty busy with other things! (Like sleeping! I got to sleep until 11 on Saturday! Can you believe it?! I am getting spoiled! I also didn't realize how tired I was!) I also had a doctors appointment last week! Results are in! I don't have graves disease like they thought, and my thyroid levels are actually going back to normal. Yeah. Except that I am starting to feel as crummy as ever again, except now I don't have an explanation for it. The doctor did say that sometimes when coming out of post-partum thyroiditis it is normal to swing into a phase of hypo-thyroidism. Perhaps that's what it is? I don't know. Hopefully we'll be able to figure it out though! I just would like to be healthy again, and be able to count on having normal days, and do normal things. One day. I feel like I'm already 90 years old though. I don't drive anymore. Maybe to the grocery store, which is a block away. Or sometimes I drive to Joann's or something, or to my doctors appointments. But otherwise I feel like an old lady who can no longer drive a car. (Not that I can't. I just really don't like to feeling the way I do somedays.) The joys of getting old.

Also behind the scenes is my tutorial for my [3x6] Bee block! You know the one. and if not, you can see it here. I have all my pictures prepped and ready, and started on the tutorial already. It should be done this week if all goes as planned! I also have my quilt planned for our do.Good Stitches group in February! I can't wait to get that one written up! It is going to look awesome! I also have the back planned out and how I am thinking of quilting it (though that can always change). :) I still need to figure out what I want to do with my fabric for the Moody Blues group. I know what fabric I want to use, but I dont' know what to do with it... thinking. thinking. thinking.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up that there are things going on behind the stand still of this blog, and there are some fun things coming their way! :)

Now I need to wake up the hubby so he can move our Little H out of my spot so I can get some shut eye! Oh sleep, how I love thee. heehee. :)

Ok, I was looking for a picture to add to this, and I HAVE to tell you about this! Maybe it won't be funny, but it was funny to us.


This is the burger king by our house. I'm so sad that you can read the sign with my camera phone picutre, but the other night as we were driving by it simply read, "WE HAVE NEW FRIES". What?! We joked about how we're so glad that they don't reuse the fries that people threw away anymore and finally got some new fries, or how maybe they would scrape them off the floor and resell them, or maybe they just kept the ones that no one ever buys. lol. Funny statement, right?! Well, tonight when we drove by, the sign read, "WE HAVE NEW BACON" Awesome! They are clearing out all their old food and finally getting on the band wagon of selling new, fresh food! lol. :)  We also saw a sign down the road and a car repair shop, right after we saw this one, that read, "WINTER IS COMING ... IS YOUR A READY?" they obviously lost the c and the r, but it made us chuckle. I think funny signs are pretty amusing. :)



  1. Boo! for still unsure, but YAY! for eliminating something off the list & sleeping in :) LOL @ the book destruction - the Moose is in love with books... to eat them! She's doesn't realize there are words yet, though. And speaking of the... she just woke up. D'oh! Anyway, I laughed out loud about the signs; we do the same thing :)

  2. Those signs are hilarious. :) Thanks for sharing.

    I am so sorry that you aren't feeling up to par yet. I really hope they figure out something to help you. I know that there is nothing worse than feeling terrible and not knowing what is wrong. When no one can help you, it's all you can do just to hang on. I'll keep you in my thoughts!!


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