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Thursday, January 26, 2012

do.Good Stitches - February Quilt Details. aka the Candyland Quilt

Cori said this design reminders her of the Candy Land board game, and I have to agree. So the new name for this quilt is the Candy Land Quilt. Thanks! :)

Well, it's my turn again for the do.Good Stitches month! :) I'm really excited!! I saw this super cute block here, and want to use this design for the basis of our quilt. (Made by: Little Miss Shabby)

(she did give me permission to use her photo. Thanks!)
Isn't this the cutest block?!?!!! :)
You can find her tutorial here.

Instead using this pattern for each block, I thought it would be fun to stretch the block pattern out to a whole quilt! :) Like this!
do.Good Stitches, Feb quilt layout

So instead a bunch of blocks with scrappy squares, there will be a bunch of blocks with straight lines (12 blocks to be exact), and some with corners (8 blocks). And those are the two blocks I am going to explain how to make. :)

We are going to use these colors from Little M's pajamas.



and in case you need to see them from one more angle... ;)

I am so addicted to this girl! ;)

All lighter colors: blue, green, purple, yellow, pink, and a Pomegranate Pink (that's the Kona color). THINK EASTER colors! :)  They obviously don't have to  be an exact match, as everyone is more than welcome and encouraged to pull from their scraps, but PLEASE don't use dark colors or TOO bright/bold of colors. Try and stay in the pastel/light range of everything. :) Thanks!! :) Oh, and use bright white (Kona White) for the background fabric. :)

(A list of the colors in Konas - obviously use prints, although you're more than welcome to use solids. I just find it nice when I know what the actual colors are. :)  Pomegranate, Candy Pink, Between Crocus & Pansy, Buttercup, Between Pear & Pistachio, Robin Egg or Azure)

I decided that instead of making this one super duper long post with lots of pictures, I'll just make up two different posts explaining the two different blocks. (I will link them from here once they are done)

so stay tuned. :)



  1. That's a great redesign - I can't wait to see it!

  2. FUN FUN!!!! Can't wait to get started on it : ) LOVE the colors too!!! www.3beansstudio.com

  3. This quilt is going to be so awesome! I love the name, too! Your baby girl is too cute! My baby is almost two:( I wish she could be a baby forever!

  4. great tute
    and such a lovely quilt

  5. I just discovered this pattern and love it both for a baby quilt and for charity doll quilts that I do for my LQS for their Christmas party for under privileged children. Thank you for an easy scrap buster.


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