Thursday, January 5, 2012

Color Inspirations

I usually load all my pictures into BigHugeLabs Mosaic Maker, but it's not working for these pictures, so I will just make a post of them!

For Bee's and swaps I can't ever decide what colors I like. I figured I should probably find some examples to go off of instead of just throwing colors together. Here are some pictures that REALLY stand out to me in terms of color!

I think this one is my favorite!! 

this one is perfect too! I like the little bit of organge-y in it.

The pinks/purples aren't my favorite in this one, but I LOVE those yellow shutters!

SO FUN! :) 

and the mosaic I was able to put together from Flickr:


So what 3 colors would you say from all of this? Aqua, orange, yellow, green? I know, that's four. I guess that's pretty basic. I guess just let the pictures tell you. :)



  1. Here is a funny (to me) result of this post. I don't love orange. I don't love yellow. I can take or leave aqua. (I know, what Do I like? LOL!!) BUT, I love (really love, like makes me want to go fond some and put them together, LOL)every one of the combos you showed. How funny is that?

  2. Love all the eye candy!! Color makes me so happy, thanks for sharing!


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