Saturday, January 7, 2012

First firsts in 2012

That was weird. Writing 2012 I mean. It always takes a while to get used to the new year. :)

Friday night I had a couple firsts for the year. :) While the husband was putting the boys to bed I decided I needed a sewing break. Not so much a break from sewing, as more of a break from sewing for other people. I've been sewing overtime trying to get projects finished and I'm a little burned out. But there's always room for a little something for me. ;)

My first first: a project for myself. I decided that I finally need to make myself a mug rug so I have somewhere to keep my chocolate milk. (my drink of choice! Lol.)

Friday night sewing break

Second first: my first mug rug. I decided to pick out one of my favorite fabrics from my stash and just do something super simple. I also thought about doing something super scrappy for the back, no matter how ugly it turns out. :)


Third first: my first scrappy project of the year. I wanted to do some diagonal rows and my final design must have been influenced by Rachel's rainbow road because I decided to try out some curves.


Fourth first: my first time sewing curves! :) so fun!

I don't really know how, but remember reading somewhere to overlap your fabric and cut a curvy line and sew them together. First I tried it with my fabric right sides together and got this.


Lol. Not so much. Then I overlapped the fabrics about half an inch and cut, being careful to stay within the overlap. Turned out petty well I think!


I tried it again with pinning it, but that was kind of a mess.

It looks better in the picture, but see how the bottoms didn't line up?

 I think it's easier to just keep the layers loose and pull them as you sew to line them up. :) After sewing all my mug rug scraps together I took the plug and cut some curves! :) I really like how they turned out!


I finished it with some wavy lines. I like how they turned out with the curvy piecing.

on the front I used some variegated yellow thread (another first (5th)! I haven't used this thread before!)

Sixth first: For the binding I decided to try adding a little scrap in the middle. I've done a scrappy binding before, but not just one piece like this. I am a fan. :)


ok, so I'm not totally done yet. I still need to finish stitching the binding to the back. But so far so good! ;)


Anyway, so here it is! My first curvy, scrappy binding, mug rug! :) Looks like it's almost time for some more chocolate milk. ;)

and I guess my scrappy mess didn't turn out too ugly. ;)


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