Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FTLOS - Round 2, Take 2

I've finally started on my project for my partner. She's kind of hit and miss with her comments, so I'm not sure if she really likes what her mosaic suggests? or if she'd rather have something more colorful and bright? or what???

Anyway, I did end up changing my mosaic around. I decided that if I got something for my home, I'd want something that fit in a little better... rather than being a bit to bright. Here is my second mosaic for the group. (My first is here - which I do still love also. It's just so hard to choose sometimes.)

FTLOS Round 2 - Mosaic 2

And here is what I have started on for my partner... (I still need to do some cutting)


Nothing has been sewn yet. Just testing the waters. The edges will finish like the left side and the top. I'm thinking I could do some quilting to emphasis the grey squares a little? I don't know.

Maybe add some blue to fill in some of the holes?

FTLOS 2 - add more colors?
I like the one on the far right.

Now I guess it's just time to wait and see if she comments. :)

p.s. did I mention that I finished up my Christmas present AND another project?! Wahoo! :) January was productive after all! ;)


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