Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hair cut & bangs!

Guess what? My good friend cut my hair!! :) I LOVE IT! :D Isn't she good?! If you live in Orem, or around here, I totally recommend her! ;) Send me an email and I'll pass on her info.

What do you think???


Usually I don't ever get in the pictures (as I'm the one behind the camera)... or I'm not cute so I'm not such a fan of the pictures, but a cute new hair cut is the perfect call for self portraits. lol!


and funny faces...


I was going to ask Neil to take some pictures for me, but sometimes it's just more fun to do them yourself. ;)

Did you know I really have 6 fingers on my left hand?! Ok, 5 fingers and 2 thumbs.

the back. kind of. ;)

lots of long layers... we'll see what it looks like when I try and style it. ;)
...probably more like this...

... up and in a ponytail...

do you want to see some more "..."? ...cause I can do more of those if you want... ;) (I just thought I should add something else besides pictures of me in this post... .... .... Are you sick of looking at me yet? Don't worry. I think this fills my quota for the year. ...so you won't have to see anymore of me. ) lol.



  1. Oh, you look SO cute. :) I LOVE the hair.

  2. Oh so cute! I love a new haircut!

  3. if I lived anywhere near there, I'd totally ask for the recommendation :) your hair looks super cute!

  4. Wow - way cute! You seriously look so different! And when did your hair get so long?


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