Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mouthy Stitches Swap!

Mouthy Stitches

Mouthy Stitches is a fun flickr group for swapping zippy pouches! We got our secret partners last week and I'm super excited! :) (I love pouches!!) I decided to go ahead and sketch up some ideas so I don't forget and get stuck with nothing. :) Here's what I'm thinking...

Mouthy Stitches pouch idea: "Mushroom Patch"
"Mushroom Patch"
A flat pouch big enough for some scissors and pens and other supplies. I'm thinking of doing a few little mushrooms in the corner, and some stars coming out at the top. 

Obviously I can't show you my partner's inspiration mosaic that somewhat inspired this, but I sure to hope that she'll like it. :)

I love "having to" come up with something for someone else. It pushes me to be creative and go beyond my normal complacency of just doing whatever I can finish quick. ;) I love it! :)


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