Wednesday, January 25, 2012

W.i.P. Wed {1-25-12} Diane - 1, Intimidation - 0

I really do love trying new things, but it often takes a while before I'm ready to actually do it. 


This little sneak peak has been sitting nicely folded and finished, ready to quilt, right next to my sewing machine, for the last month. I actually whipped it out lightning fast... but then came the quilting. I've quilted plenty of things, but really wanted to do a zigzag quilting on it... that I haven't done before. Intimidation took over and I froze.

There it sat for 33 days to be exact, SCREAMING at me to quilt it. And there I sat quietly and as subtly as I could, ignoring it. Doing EVERYTHING and anything else I could think of, just so I wouldn't have to face it. I debated just stippling it, or doing some other kind of stitching, but since I have really wanted to do a zigzag stitch for a long time, I knew this was my chance and I didn't want to miss it. Plus I knew no other stitching would complete it like a zigzag. 

So after many moons, and many projects, and a total makeover of my sewing area (which means I now actually have ROOM to quilt it without having to take my machine downstairs to sew! Yippy!) I tackled the beast and am now well on my way to being finished!!! :) 

I'd love to show you more, but it's a Christmas present... yes. I hang my head in shame. I'm officially super late. ;(

ok, I'll show you this much more. ;)

I will say that I am loving it... but in all actuality we have a love/hate relationship going on. I loved the design I planned out for it, then as I got all the pieces sewn I didn't love it - so I changed it! Then I loved it. Then I was intimidated by it. Then there was the part where I stepped away from it while it was at the sewing machine, and my little boy sneaked under the sewing machine... and well, I'll just say there are a couple extra stitches in one spot. Uh. (deep breath). :) It's almost done. ;) and I will really miss it!!


So that is what I am working on this week... and I'm not going to stop until it is out the door and in the mail. :D 

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Have a great week!! :)


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