Wednesday, April 18, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday {4/18/12}

You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for all the support and love from my little post yesterday! :) I always feel like when I post about anything personal or totally random like that, that those posts just get skipped over. So you totally surprised me with all of your comments! Thanks! :) hugs!

It's kind of nice knowing I have less commitments, except that I'm dying trying to finish up these last two. Ok, now just ONE!

Here's my one big project I've been trying to finish up for the last month! Poor Jennifer. I was probably driving her crazy not getting my block picture to here. lol. It's for the Paper Pieced Pattern-A-Day Garden Party Blog Hop. (I think I always call it something different too. oops. Sorry Jennifer!)


This is really starting to grow on me. :) I was going to say it was a finish, but then, what am I going to do with a single quilt block? So I guess as something to cross off my to-do list it's finished. But at the same time it's a new WIP. My mom came over today and of course I had to show her! It's the first thing I do every time she walks through the door, "Do you want to see what I made???" as I run up to grab my arm full of projects. lol. Anyway, she loved it! So I decided that I am going to add some sashing and make a pillow for her to put on her couch. I think that is something she would really appreciate and use. :) I hope so at least.

if you want to make this pattern you can find out more about it, as well as the pattern in this post.

Finishing up this block just meant that I didn't finish my bee blocks. But I'm ALMOST done! Just one more left. I ended up kicking everyone out of my room yesterday and locking the door so I could make some more progress on everything. It worked out rather well, and I think one more day and I just may be able to scratch out all my "must-do" projects! Yeah!!! That is what keeps me going - having nothing that HAS to be done. Can't you just picture it?! lol. j/k. Anyway, I really have plenty of more things to do after my blocks... but I'm not going to think about those. Just this cute soon to be pillow. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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  1. I love it and I'm sure Jennifer will too! I want to do a block like this, but I haven't been inspired yet :)

  2. Cute pattern! You know what I really love about that flower pot? It's like a pot-of-gold pot! It's so perfect cuz lovely blooming flower are like little bits of gold on a rainy day. btw, it's raining here......

  3. Those roses are do pretty! I'm sure your mom will love that pillow!


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