Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grandma's Lawn Chair Blog Hop Wrap Up

Grandma's Lawn Chair Blog Hop @ from blank pages...

I am not sure where the month of September went! This blog hop sped by so fast!!! Prepping for Sewing Summit, having an awesome weekend with amazing friends, seeing a lot of beautiful quilts using my new pattern, and especially hearing all of your excitement and enthusiasm for wanting to make your own version of this, this month has been truly AWESOME! and exhausting. Thank you SO much for all of your kind comments and encouragement! I never thought creating a pattern could be so rewarding! and humbling. Thank you!!

As the blog hop comes to an end, I put together a little mosaic of everyone's quilt. If you missed any blog posts, here they are, linked to the specific post. I hope you will stop by each one!

Mon 9th - Diane @ from blank pages...
Tues 10th - Julie @ Jolie Maxtin
 Wed 11th - Ginny @ Fishcreek Studio
Thurs 12th - Kelleigh - guest blogging at from blank pages...
Fri 13th - Sara @ Sew Sweetness

Mon 16th , Diane @ from blank pages...
Tues 17th - Hilary @ Young Texan Mama
Wed 18th - Mike @ The Amateur Quilter
Thurs 19th - Rachael @ imagine gnats
Fri 20th - Courtney @ Mon Petite Lyons 

Mon 23rd - Jamie @ Sunflower Seeds
Tues 24th - Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts
Wed 25th - Krista @ Spotted Stones (Krista wasn't able to participate at this time. Still stop by her blog, because she is super fab!!!)
Thurs 26th - Cristy @ Sew Much Like Mom
Fri 27th - Diane @ from blank pages...

The first person to comment and tell me correctly which quilt matches up with which blogger will win a copy of my Grandma's Lawn Chair PDF quilt pattern! :)

Talking about winning, the winner of the PDF pattern AND Denyse Schmidt fabric bundle is...

Congrats Cheryl! I sent you an email! :)

Thank you everyone who entered and helped spread the word!! :)

I guess that about sums it up. EXCEPT...

I just finished updating the pattern!!! I added two more pages onto the end of the pattern with quick instructions for using a jelly roll! The baby quilt uses one jelly roll, the toddler size is one piece shy of needed one jelly roll, while the lap size needs two jelly rolls. The finished quilt sizes are just a little bit different than the pattern, but they go well with the adaptation of using a jelly roll. If you have already purchased the pattern, simply download it again and you should have the revised version.

There are still some giveaways going on, if you want to check out the other blogs. And if you would like to purchase the pattern, you can find it on Craftsy or Etsy.

If you make this pattern, please share it in my flickr group here, upload it and link it on Craftsy, or just send me an email! I'd love to spotlight it on my blog as well. :)

Thanks again!
Hope you are having an awesome weekend!!


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  1. row 1: Diane @ from blank pages, Julie @ Jolie Maxtin, Kelleigh - guest blogging at from blank pages
    row 2: Ginny @ Fishcreek Studio, Hilary @ Young Texan Mama, Mike @ The Amateur Quilter
    row 3: Jamie @ Sunflower Seeds, Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts, Courtney @ Mon Petite Lyons
    row 4: Cristy @ Sew Much Like Mom, Diane @ from blank pages


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