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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I {heart} Crochet

I really do. I learned to crochet so long ago, and it has always been something that I go back to through whatever projects I'm working on. It's my mindless, I don't want to think about a single thing, activity. (For some reason I tend to crotchet more when I'm feeling depressed, or exhausted from life, than anything else. but not always.) Anyway, I love it. It's so relaxing.

Anyway, I received my email from Purl Soho and saw this beautiful afghan, and I love it! I totally want to make one!

Doesn't it look lovely?! 

Anyway, they sell kits so you can make your own. I thought, "Oh, Im totally going to call my hubby and see if I can get this." Yep, we talk about things before we buy. It keeps us happy. As I was reading the description I saw how much it cost. Are you ready??



Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised since this is Purl Soho we're talking about, but still. Would I even dare use a blanket, let a lone give it to my child, knowing it cost $780?! I don't know. If you would then I love and admire you. But for now... no way. I think I'll still ask my hubby, as a joke. I don't think he'll be very amused. He doesn't enjoy my sense of humor. :)

Mentioning sense of humor, I heard a new joke yesterday:

Q: What do you call a fake noodle?

A: an Impasta! 

bwahaha!! ;)

Well, off to face the day... that started at 5:30. :( For some reason my little M has been waking up crying at 5:30 every morning, waking everyone up. She can get in and out of her crib now, which isn't too bad since she goes down for bed and naps so good still, but she must fall out in the morning, or something. I don't know... it's starting to wear on me though. Crazy girl.

Happy Thursday! :)



  1. 780??? That's crazy for a blanket !! It's not like you bought it already made, you also have to spend a lot of hours making it !!

  2. Um...is there pure gold woven into the yarn?!

    I love the joke!

    Are you located anywhere near Forest City, Iowa? There is a new MQG starting there. I know Des Moines has been a bit far and it would be fun for you to have a group closer.

  3. Haha! I love the joke. And $780 is ridiculous. It's gorgeous but holy smokes. That's crazy. I'd love to know if they'd sell the pattern or something so you could buy your own yarn not spun from gold eating llamas or wherever theirs comes from...

    I'm sorry about the early mornings, that makes the day sooo much longer! Hope that doesn't last. I learned how to crochet during Relief Society in the singles ward back in college. I don't know any fancy stitches though, it'd be fun to learn how to make fancy stuff like that gorgeous blanket!

  4. My solution... Red Heart Supersaver yarn :) and making the blocks over time and not all at once (buying all at once).

  5. You could make the sunny spread http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sunny-spread with some of your stash yarn and cheap acrylic white... And make your own 780 USD (I cannot believe it) for a fraction of the price!

  6. $780? I wonder if anyone ever bought one. $780? I just can't get over it. $780? Are you sure? Oh. my.


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