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Monday, March 25, 2013

My First Alphabet: Numbers & Punctuation

Ok, my blog is probably getting so boring with all my pattern posts. They're just so much fun!!! lol. Ok, really, life is just busy, and I really should make more exceptions to stop and blog about it. But until then, I want to let you know that I just finished adding three patterns to my Etsy shop and my Craftsy store. I'll add some to Threadbias too. (are you on there?? It's pretty cool! It takes a minute to figure it out, but I've been having some fun on there recently.)

I was going to put them all in the same post, but it was really long... so I'm doing three posts. Sorry for the blogging overload today! :)

First off, to go with My First Alphabet Pattern, I finished up the Numbers & Punctuation pattern!

It has the numbers 0-9, as well as 14 common punctuation marks.
on Craftsy, on Etsy

To be honest, this is probably the most complicated pattern of all the alphabet patterns. But only because more of the patterns have multiple segments. They really aren't any harder than the others, just maybe a little more intimidating. ;)  (oh, and just to be clear, the punctuation marks (&, $, *) are the ones that are more complicated. the numbers aren't too bad.)

Sarah of crinklelove tested this for me.  I love her fabrics!

(if you're a bit new to paper piecing, these will look a little different once joined. All the sides will be 1/4" shorter, so for example, the top of the 7 won't be that large. They will all be more proportionate.) :)

Here's what Sarah said,
It doesn't seem too complicated to me. I wouldn't suggest it for a beginner necessarily, because some of them are more intricate. The directions were great! I didn't feel like additional info was needed.

- After testing some letters: what did you think of the process? Is this a pattern you would come back to and use again? General thoughts about piecing your letters, etc.
I would definitely use this pattern for numbers again. The piecing was smooth, even when I joined each number together, they lined up great.
- Additional thoughts
So, it went really well. I do like how you code things with b - background, c - color/print, etc. That was really helpful, since I normal have to color it or label it myself. From what I tried, I think it's a great pattern and will be a great addition to a paper piecer's pattern collection. 

Thanks Sarah!! :)


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