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Monday, March 25, 2013

My abc's: Lowercase Alphabet Pattern!

Here is Pattern #2 that I released today! (In addition to My First Alphabet: Numbers & Punctuation, and My ABC's & My abc's: Complete Set!)

My abc's Lowercase Pattern

Letters a - z in lowercase form.
on Craftsy, on Etsy

This pattern is ready to jump right in and start piecing away! Contains 3 pages of instructions and tips, and 8 pages of alphabet patterns, a-z, in lowercase form.

I had two people test this pattern for me! Lisa and Lee. I'll share Lisa's photos later, but here is what Lee made!

 I seriously love her choice of fabrics! The architectures print for the background is amazing!! :)

Here's what Lee said,

First off, I LOVE it! Very fun:)

- Overall thoughts and impressions of the pattern: does it seem too complicated?
It's not too complicated, but it's not really a beginner friendly pattern. I'm not sure any letter type patterns are though. I didn't feel like there were any unnecessary pieces at all. 

 - are the directions clear? 
The directions are very clear. I followed along easily and had no trouble. 

- are there any parts that are confusing that either need to be improved or better explained?
This is random, but I made two "L's" and I kept getting confused that they were " I's". I think you should consider making your letter labels uppercase. This might be confusing though since you have uppercase patterns. Maybe label it "lowercase l" or something. I got confused more than once which could mean I'm an idiot or could mean others will too!

(I didn't change this, just because I do have upper and lowercase letters. Also, the lowercase L and uppercase I really aren't that much different between the patterns. If you do get them mixed up, no big deal. You won't even be able to tell really.)

- Any inconsistencies that you feel should be changed throughout the pattern?
The lines are really thick when you enlarge it. Maybe make them .5 pt at 100%. It was okay at 200%, but they were thicker than usual. But if you went bigger, it could be a problem.
This is another thing I didn't change. I LOVE this suggestion, but I'm afraid if I make the lines thinner, and people decide to shrink the letters, they might be too thin. I feel this is a good setting for most general use. If you do enlarge your pattern and find it a problem, let me know and I can help you out! :)
 - Is this a pattern you would come back to and use again? 
Absolutely! I'd love to make an alphabet quilt!!

- General thoughts about piecing your letters, etc.
My letters went together great!! Very easy to follow and love the built in spacing. This is definitely a pattern I'll use again and again! Diane, it's really just a great set of letters!!

Thanks again Lee for all the great feedback!!


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  1. I would love to try some paper piecing! These letters look great. Love the ones your pattern tester Lee made!


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