Saturday, January 15, 2011

db By Design: Camera Pocket Pattern Giveaway

I've been working on a pattern of my Camera Pocket to add to my Etsy Shop. Besides the very few patterns I have done on my blog, I really don't have much experience with making patterns that are comprehensible by anyone but myself. (I make my own patterns all the time, but who know if they make any sense. lol)

I have taken a LOT of pictures, and have gone through the pattern multiple times and I think it's finished.

Before I start selling it, I want to make sure that it is not something that people are going to purchase and just end up being frustrated with. How to do that???

Giveaway is now closed. A Giveaway!! :)

Yup, I am going to give away TWO FREE patterns for TWO Awesome people to test out. 

Before I tell you how to enter, I want to make sure that you know that I am requiring specific feedback from you. That means you're actually going to have to try it. (And please do so sooner rather than later so I can make adjustments and get it added to my shop). If you don't want to give any feedback, please don't enter this one. ;) sorry. 

Here's how to enter:
First, follow my blog. If you are not a follower, I'll pick someone else.
Then leave 1 COMMENT with your name and a way to contact you, 
PLUS in the same comment, let me know what your favorite thing to take pictures of is.
(if you don't want to leave your email in the comments, you can email it to me at - but still leave a comment here and let me know.) :)

And that's it! :)

I will pick a winner in 1 week.
I will contact the winner to confirm an email address so I can send you a pdf pattern,
along with a short questionnaire.
Please try and get back to me (with the questions) within about a week or so.


  1. I am following. and I love to take pictures of my two kids. Mostly separate but sometimes I get them to be near each other.
    havenera at gmail dot com

  2. Hi Diane! I would love to be your guinea pig and win your lovely camera bag! I love take pictures of my lovely daughter and my spoiled rotten dachshunds. :-) I really don't want to post my email addy for everyone to look in your inbox for an email from me. :-) --L FEW

  3. That's a really cute bag!! I still have the nerdy nylon bags for my point and shoot...:)

    Love it!


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