Friday, January 20, 2012

The bee goes buzz buzz in January

So that was NOT going to be the title of my post, but rather, "January Bee Blocks" (boring!). Then I started thinking about this wooden Melissa & Doug bee toy that we have. Mabel loves it! One day I started playing with it with her, having it talk about the busy bumble bee and how it goes buzz buzz. Hunter was ecstatic about that! He started peeking over my shoulder, watching what was going on, and just started laughing and laughing! Then he ran and brought his toys to show the bee, wanted it to follow him everywhere (with me holding it and talking/*buzzing* for it of course). He would have done that for hours. And the next day it was the same thing again. and again. I'll just leave it to say that he didn't let Mabel play with it for a while after that. lol. I just love his laugh.

Anyway, my point is that I have been busy busy. Especially working on my bee blocks! It's been so fun!

I just barely finished my do.Good Stitches blocks. Based off this quilt. SO fun! I love these wonky stars!


I also love all the possibilities with them.


Wouldn't they be cute with some log cabin type block for the center?!


Love the colors too!


I also started up in a Moody Blues 2 Bee group this month. I signed up for it quite a while ago, so it's been a long time waiting for it to get started. There are 12(?) of us, and every month 2 people send out enough fabric and the design for the block they want. We make it and send it back. Pretty simple - especially when all the pieces are already cut out! Yeah! I love not having to cut! ;)

Anyway, Fran is making a red and white quilt using this tutorial - so cute. I had the top and bottom blocks.

Moody Blues 2 - Feb blocks

Annaliese is making a quilt based off this quilt. These blocks were a blast to make! I was sad I didn't have more fabric to use. ;) I think I am really enjoying improve piecing! I will definitely have to do more of that!


Anyway, now I am on to planning my bee stuff for next month! I am in charge for do.Good Stitches, and I have the idea already. I just need to type up the instructions. I am SO excited for it! I also need to figure out what to do for Moody Blues. I think I know, but it's a secret... so it may just have to wait to be shared for a long time.

It's so nice to have an awesome sewing setup! I just might get brave enough to share some pictures! - it's just that good! ;) I am loving it!



  1. Oh I LOVE your blocks - especially the improv. ones. I haven`t done any yet but I see it in my near future in a swap I`m involved in!

  2. Love that! It's amazing how white makes everything pop! Your solid blocks look cool too!

  3. I love those star blocks! Those are too cute :-)

  4. stopping by from canoe ridge creations... love your wonky stars blocks! i just made my first one recently and i want to make more. many, many more :)


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