Thursday, January 5, 2012

Know Your Audience {and Giveaway Prep}

In my last semester of college I took an English class. My professor often spoke about knowing your audience when writing, so you know who to aim it to, and how to write it. I've been thinking about that a lot in the last month, especially in regards to my blog. Mostly I just write to get things out, figuring it's going out to a world of no one, while pretending that I have hundreds of captured readers. lol. :) Until last month when all of a sudden a lot of my friends told me on different occasions, "Yeah, I read your blog." I was like, "What?!?" and then the first thing that would go through my head was, "uh, what do I write on there???" quickly racing through all the post I could remember. haha. :)

Anyway, I get occasional comments and I ABSOLUTELY love them! They fuel my fire! Just today I had someone write me and tell me they were waiting for a tutorial for the zip-it pouch (sorry I'm slow! It's coming soon. I think I want to do one section of it on video though, so I'm a little hesitant. Any tips on making a video tutorial???) Anyway, that was off subject. But it's fun to know that people out there enjoy this blog and what I do. :)

So... my point is, WHO ARE YOU??? :) I would love to know who stops by on occasion, or frequently, or even once a year! :) And what is it that you like about my blog, or any blog? Are there things you'd like to see more of? Less of? I'm not promising anything, as I like to do what I feel like on here, but it'd be nice to know, and I'm sure I'd be happy to accommodate if you are waiting around for more of something. :)

This also leads me to that 100 Follower Giveaway I mentioned last month! I'm still thinking about it! But I'm just pretty busy at the moment, so it will be coming soon. But I also need to figure out what to giveaway! That is another reason for this post. What would you want to win most?? Maybe I'll do a couple different items.?. I don't know. But leave a comment, let me know who all you secret readers are out there, and what you like and want. :) And hey, just maybe you could get in the habit of it. LOL. J/k. ;) ;) I don't mind.



  1. I think I first started following ya from WIP a few months back. I love your quilting stuff. I don't have any deep comments for ya, but we're kind of in the same boat with little kids and quilting, so I connect with you. :)

  2. I follow via Google Reader. Rarely comment anywhere, constantly drooling over photos of quilts/sewing/crafts. I probably found your blog via a link from another blog I was already following, I think in Sept/Oct/Nov. Yeah, not a deep comment, but I'm basically here because I like the patterns/colors you use in your projects. I just started doing quilting/sewing a year ago and I'm still very hesitant to try things, but I like to surround myself with inspiration.

  3. OK, sorry, I am not going to be much help :-), I am pretty sure I found you through a link from another blog....I like blogs with info and photos. Doesn't even HAVE to be about something I personally do (Like plenty of the blogs I read incorporate knitting, which I do not have the gene for...still like to see it...LOL)The only two thing I do not like to see are bloggers being rude/mean/trash talking (not limited to, but a glaring example would be the classic vs modern debate). My take on the entire issue is that there is a place for everyone. The second is a little tougher, and it is my opinion ONLY. I do not like blogs that only post about "buy my (pattern/from my etsy store/thread/notion, etc)" I would rather it be broken up. Not necessarily saying I expect something for free, it can be broken up by what the kids did, the current weather, whatever. If it starts to feel like a barrage it isn't good. I like YOUR blog because I have seen interesting things that are different (yo-yo Christmas tree) and I like the sense of humor (sign about tears running down the leg)that comes through. Probably more than you asked for...LOL...but, hey, keeping it real. Have a great day!


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