Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting with Finishes

Happy New Year!!!
Can you really believe it's 2012?!?!! Crazy! I am excited to see what this year has in store... as I'm almost positive it will definitely be better than last year. Last year was good, but rough with all the health stuff going on. I'm crossing my fingers that things won't get any worse. And if they do, I'm used to it so I think my attitude this year is already better! ;) Besides that I look forward to the adventures in store and for many new things going on! :)  My family is getting bigger! (no, not as in new members, yes that everyone is growing and getting bigger! It is bitter sweet watching my children grow!)

This year has already started off well! Last week I got an energy burst despite a bad cold and rearranged ALL of my closets! Yes, even my storage closets under the stairs. Wow! I got rid of so many boxes and made up a huge donation pile! Yippy! It's nice starting fresh and organized! :) I also finished up some curtains for our downstairs that I started 2 years ago! I look forward to finishing a LOT of wips this year!

Anyway, to start off I wanted to highlight a lot of the things I did last year! So here are a few of my mosiacs! I feel like there should be more things, but I also think this is a pretty good collection! :) I'm excited for more quilts and projects to come!

First off, all my do.Good Stitches blocks! This has been such a fun group! I love the girls I sew with! It's been a lot of fun getting to know them a little better! and I can't wait for this year and many more quilts to donate!
do.Good Stitches 2011

Next, here are my quilts I've finished, and not finished. As well as a few swap minis, a pillow top and a block. :) I have more quilts in the works, but a few are going to have to wait...
Quilts and Quilt Blocks 2011

and the rest of my random sewing projects, or at least some of them!
Sewing Projects 2011

Happy sewing, crafting, and everything else to you in this New Year!! :)

p.s. I just found that on Lily's Quilts she is having a little blog party where everyone can share their 2011 finishes! Awesome! So I am linking up there! Be sure to check out what everyone else is doing too! :)

Fresh Sewing Day



  1. You made the large pouch for me during the Pretty Little Pouch Swap. You wouldn't believe how often I use that thing. I take it to work with me while I watch students in the morning before school starts. I keep all of my hand projects in there so I always have something to work on.

  2. So many lovey finishes for the year - the applique tree on the coin quilt looks very cute!! Visiting from the Fresh Sewing Day @ Lilys Quilts:)

  3. wow! a lot accomplished this year. i love those quilt blocks. your quilts are great and all the other projects are fun to see! have a great day

  4. You've achieved a lot!!! Your quilts are beautiful!! I'm hoping to make my first quilt this year. I can see a lovely bag in your last mosaic. I'd love for you to share this and any other bags you've made at my linky that's just for bags..

  5. Great job! And cute photo where a baby is trying to reach a hanged quilt!
    Congratulations from Tahiti


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