Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teal, Pink & Orange

Those are the colors I asked for in my [3x6] Sampler Mini Quilt Bee. After I made my block I had second thoughts about those colors, but I am SO happy with the blocks I received and really love how they turned out! :)


Aren't they fun! I think they go great together and love how bright and different they all are. :) It makes me want to do my block over in prints instead of solids so it's not so bold. :)

see? ;)

I originally planned on using them to make a car quilt, you know, so when I get in the car on those cold days I'll have something to keep me warm while the hubby has the a/c blowing. haha. It's not that bad, but still, always something on my "one day" list of things I'd like. :) I think I just might still do that... one day. ;)

Thanks ladies! I had a blast! :)

oh, and I uploaded some pictures in my video tutorial post, so you can see the block that I make in the tutorial, as well as the inspiration block for it all. :)



  1. Lovely! I like the color choices. Can't wait to see what you will make!

    The 3 x 6 was fine but I think I prefer the 4 x 5 Bee after having recently completed both. A different level between the 2 or at least different fabric requirements. Had fun in both tho and a great group for both. Trying to be good and stay out of other bees for a while! haha

  2. Those colors are stunning. That's going to be one awesome quilt.

  3. A car quilt is on my list too. I want to make 2 for each of the cars. I hate when we go on a trip and then for the next month I cant find my blanket. I love the bright colors they are great.


  4. Love the vibrant colours. The star is lovely.

  5. wowser! I am totally loving the circle - I thought it was like a weird fractured peace sign at first LOL also really diggin the first one & the star :) looks like a fun project! people make car quilts? man! do I have a lot to catch up on or what?!


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