Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here's how I think sometimes.... plus some fabric and coupons! and a party.

The other day I kind of went overboard eating the peanut m&m's. I thought to myself, ”I just ate my weight in m&m's. ... That would be so gross.” I really didn't eat that many. While this was going on I was looking at my fabric and then thought, ”what if I won my weight in fabric?! That would be awesome.” I started calculating... ” if 1 yard weighs roughly 6 ounces, that would be... roughly 357 yards of fabric!” Now that might also be gross, but I would still take it!

What would you do if you won your weight in fabric? I think I would sell it, well some of it (that would be worth $3,570 if it was $10 a yard!) and pay off some debts, buy a mini van, or maybe a dryer and a lawnmower. Perhaps save it for those days when I just want to buy fabric. (buying fabric in and of itself is fun, even if it just sits on your shelf waiting to be used, would you agree?! heehee.) :)

Anyway, there's one of my recent amusing thoughts I've had. I figured you might enjoy thinking about that too. :)

P.s. What fabrics/collections would you want?
(i'm not even going to try to answer that!) Lol.

oh, and while I'm on the topic of fabric (but when am I not?) Check out what is at Hancock Fabrics?

Crafty Chloe by Heather Ross!
I borrowed this pic from Colleen on Flickr. Hope you don't mind! ;)

This is Heather Ross! It's based off the Crafty Chloe book and it's cute! The pink doll fabric is kind of scary, but I love the rest of it. ;)

and guess what, someone listed a coupon to use at Hancock's if you shop online: SIZZLING10
 for 10% off!!

AND I don't know if you have ever shopped through Ebates, but I do and I love it! You can get another 4% cash back if you start at Ebates and follow their link to Hancock Fabrics (search for Hancock in the search field and it will bring up the store with the link.) (this is an affiliate link, fyi. I think we both get $5 if you sign up and make a purchase. use it or don't.) :)

I also go through Ebates whenever I shop at They have a good percentage cash back too, and it's a nice discount to add to whatever coupon I'm using as well. Some people have problems with, but I never have. Ok, sometimes they cut my fabric too big (ok. I don't mind.) or they give me some extra fabric I didn't ask for. Sometimes it's a trade, but it's never been with a fabric I was dying for, mostly just something I wanted while shopping. They have a fantastic return policy! You could return your whole order if you wanted to! And I can't forget the free shipping on any order of $35. Ok. I'm really not trying to sell you on shopping there, that is simply all the reasons why I like it. :)

Anyway, there it is. save a little money, buy some more fabric. heehee.

p.s. I'm going to start a new linky party around here. I think maybe next week (on Thursdays). I know, not another linky. This one is different though, so I hope you'll join me!! I'll give you more info later on. It should be a lot of fun!



  1. If I could pick all 357 yards, I'd probably keep it.. of sell some of it and keep the money to buy more fabric when there are collection I really want.

    And I do buy fabric because I like it and I need to have a little bit of it. You know that new collection by Sarah Jane, Out to Sea ? Well, I think it would make a REALLY cute baby girl quilt and I might just buy 1/2 yards (or FQs, we'll see) of the prints I love so that I can keep it and make a quilt for my daughter (when I have one, when we start trying to have kids in 3 years). Is it bad ? lol

    Collections I want ?
    - Out to Sea
    - Chicopee (but not all the prints)
    - Brr!
    And probably a lot more but I try not to look at upcoming fabric lines too much.

    I've ordered some of that HR fabric. Well, Tiffany did because they don't ship to Canada. I got 1 yard of the girl on the unicorn and we split a yard of the dogs. I agree, the doll print is creepy lol

    Is it going to be a linky party for fabric purchases ? lol so we don't feel bad because we ordered too much fabric ?

    Ok. I'm stopping here. This might be the longest comment I've ever left on someone's blog and I could probably keep going but I gotta go to work !
    Have a good day :)

  2. I probably own 357 yards of fabric! How gross is that??? I would keep it and pet it he he. I would want Heather Ross and AMH and Denyse Schmidt, but that's what everyone will say! : ) I would swap too for more of the above! And I agree with you about the HR doll fabric pictured above. I didn't get the dog fabric as it was sold out, and I missed the coupon, but I got some of the rest. Go clothespin people! Just found your cute blog. Lily.

  3. Wow to win my weight in fabric would be crazy! I would probably ask for each yard I pick to be cut into FQs and sell some so I could keep at least a piece of each print for myself! With the money I would possibly put down a deposit on a flat(apartment) so I could move and have somewhere to store all the fabric.
    I'm loving some of the new collections that have been coming out Lotta Jandsdotter, Tula Pink, The Sympatico line and a few others =D

  4. Mate, the one time being on the bigger side would totally pay off hahaha! I have no idea what I would buy but I reckon I would stash a bunch of solid colours because I am always lacking in those. Then I would go nuts on charm packs. Just because I love them.

    Keen to see what the new linky party is!

  5. Hi Diane! Thursday is so good day for a party - I shall join your new party!
    I love those fabrics and go to see how the shopping works for me in Europe.
    If I would win my wight fabric ... difficult ... can't imagine how much that would be ... perhaps too much for the rest of my life, so I would share, sell and sew!!! Happy weekend! x Teje


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