Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ABC's & 123's

The 2012 Finish Along is well on it's way to wrapping up the 2nd Quarter! The Post 2nd Quarter Link up is open until the 8th, and I'm so glad!! :) I have already linked up my do.Good Stitches quilt, as well as my Giant Granny Square Quilt. I've been feeling so productive that I decided I needed to bite the bullitt and finish up the felt Alphabet I'd started a long time ago! And I'm so glad I did. It will be the perfect addition to our Learning Time center. :) (btw, here is my original post for the Pre-2nd Quarter Link up, where you can see all the projects I'm trying to finish. maybe I can still get one more in?!? lol.)

If you are new around these parts, I hope you'll stop and stay a while!! :) I love having new visitors and making new friends, so be sure to leave a comment and say hi! Also, so you know, we just moved to Iowa so life is a bit crazy around these parts. We are definitely not in a normal routine, and I'm sure that is well reflected on my blog. Welcome to my ADD life. lol. :)

We got the boys room unpacked just in time to find the rest of them so I could get a picture of all of them together. Yay! :)

I made these by making a template on my cutting machine, then traced around it twice and cut out two pieces and used a zigzag stitch to sew all around them. After I started these I saw a version that had a white layer in the middle too. It was really cute and I wish I had done that, but I do like how they turned out anyway. They're a good size too! Maybe like 5" tall?


Wahoo for another finish! I will be linking this up at Quiltstory as well. :)
What projects are you finishing up at the moment?


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