Friday, July 27, 2012

Winterkist Fun and The Charming Travelers!

First I'll say that I kind of am really bad sometimes at staying on top of things. Like The Charming Travelers. oops. Luckily there were some awesome people who helped me by filling out the form, and then a little searching and I was able to find both packs! Wahoo! Sorry if you missed a giveaway because I was slacking, but I'm happy to announce that there are TWO giveaways open for them right now!!!

Sally of Grendelskin is having a giveaway for the US/Canada pack here! She'll pick a winner July 31st, so make sure you head over there! :) (all of those links are the same, I just don't want anyone to miss it. lol.)

and Tricia of Fresh Raspberry Quilts is giving away the US only pack here! Open until noon on Monday July 30th! wahoo! :)

Thanks ladies!

Oh, and the map is updated! It's fun watching new stops pop up on the map. I am resolving to stay more on top of this in the future. :)

There and Back

Now onto some other really awesome fun stuff! I mentioned the Winterkist Blog Hop. maybe? Well, you need pay attention to this! :)

Katie of There and Back received a beautiful stack of Winterkist, which will be released next month. (How awesome would that be to have fabric that wasn't even available yet?! Oh wait! I have some too!! It's awesome.) :) Yep, she sent me a little bit of her stack, and we - along with some awesome bloggers - are going to provide some great entertainment for you for three weeks during August. Here's the line up:

Aug 6  Katie at There & Back
Aug 7  Rachael at imagine gnats
Aug 8  Jennie at Clover & Violet
Aug 9  Courtney at mon petit lyons
Aug 10  Sara at Sew Sweetness

Aug 13  Bianca at Sweet Diesel Designs
Aug 14  Chelsea at Pins & Bobbins
Aug 15  Rebecca at Sew Festive Handmade
Aug 16  Diane at from blank pages 
Aug 17  Allegory at {sew} Allegorical

Aug 20  Kim at My Go-Go Life
Aug 21 Di at Random or "di"
Aug 22 Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts
Aug 23 Jenelle at Echinops & Aster
Aug 24  Katie at There & Back

is that lame that I bolded my date?! heehee. Anyway, this is going to be great! I've seen some sneak peaks of the projects and I can't wait to see them in full. They are going to be AMAZING! (secretly it makes me really nervous that I'm going to flop and have the lame project... why do I always have to try something new? I can't ever seem to do something that's a guaranteed success...) Anyway, make sure to visit all the stops on the hop! I know you'll find something you'll like. (and you can give me some courtesy pats on the back as you fly past my post. lol. J/k. I think it will all be fine.)

Grab a button and help spread the word!
There and Back

and don't forget the prizes!! The Fat Quarter Shop is graciously giving away three FQ packs to three lucky winners! How awesome is that! I love how Katie set it up. Just comment on at least one of the blog posts each week and you will be entered to win! (comment on every blog post during the week = 5 chances to win.) A winner will be chosen each Friday.


So here is the beginning of the fun!! I hope you're ready for this! :)


  1. That does sound like a lot of fun. I'll be watching out for the posts when it starts =D

  2. the hop sounds fun. hope I can remember.


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