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Thursday, July 26, 2012

from blank pages... a linky party

I don't know that I've ever had my blog name be a post title. kind of weird but it makes me smile at the same time. lol.

Do you know what I've been thinking about lately? lots, and I mean LOTS, of blank pages that I've filled but have never turned into anything but a filled page. I chose this title for my blog because of all the ideas I squiggle down in my notebooks, and my love for turing them into real patterns or items. But I'm afraid my ideas always seem to be way more numerous than the amount of time I have to work on them. I've been thinking about bringing them out into the light (aka, sharing them on my blog) and seeing if I can't find the motivation to start some of them. To actually make the journey of starting from blank pages... and ending up with something awesome! (or horrible) :)

Then I started wondering about everyone else. What have you put on YOUR blank pages??? I think sometimes it's just inspiration we find, on Pinterest perhaps? Or maybe you have an idea that's been floating around in your head for years, but you've never had the courage to jot it down and simply start putting it together. A beautiful stack of fabrics by chance? Maybe a flower in your backyard? I don't know that I could ever limit the amount of things that inspire me.

My sister, whose blog is private, recently shared all of these activities she did with her kiddos from pins she liked on Pinterest. I was kind of wowed by everything she actually did. I'm not saying that it's because she doesn't do anything, but because I have so many things I've pinned and have never done anything with! (Though I definitely have pins that I go back to over and over again.) So with that in mind, and with all my other thoughts... blah, blah blah. I decided that it would be fun, or at least I would have so much fun making a linky party for everyone's blank pages! :)

I know there are already so many link up's for works in progress, and finished items, UFO items, and everything in between, but this is a "BEGINNING" linking party! Whether it's just to share those awesome projects you only dream about doing one day (items you've pinned on pinterest), or maybe it's that hidden project that you just need a few extra ounces of motivation to help you start it, I would love to see them all! :) If it's a secret, show some sneak peeks! Or maybe a stack of fabric that you are still contemplating a project for. There are so many things that inspire us to create, and I think we often share the process or the finish of it, but why not celebrate the beginning. I love sitting in front of my fabric and dream of all the things I could make with it. Sure I should probably spend more time actually making them, but a girls got to dream too. :)

So to celebrate the Joy of new ideas, or recreating old ideas,

Welcome to the New  
from blank pages...  Linky Party! 

from blank pages... linky party



  • every Thursday (I figure some fun inspirational excitement just might be the thing we need to help push us to the weekend)
  • The linky is open until Sunday night, so you have a few days to join me. Be sure to come back before then! Otherwise I hope I'll see you (again) next Thursday! :)

  • anything that inspires a new-to-you project, a new project you want to start or have just recently started, that pile of fabric you've been dreaming up ideas for, sneak peeks of your exciting new project, a project you want to start but would like some advice with the details, etc.


  • Write up a blog post and link it below. Please make sure to tell us a little bit about it. Unless it's a surprise, I want to know what you're planning on doing! :) If you need some ideas, this will be a great way to hopefully get a lot of feedback and input. (if you are sharing something by someone else, please remember to give credit to the creator where credit is due.)
  • Be sure to link back to this post and grab a button (below) to put in your post or on your sidebar so others can join in the fun too.

Ready, set, GO: 

ok, I'll start. :)

I have so many scribbles and designs and patterns that fill my sketchbooks. One that I've been thinking about lately is from this page...

(ok, some scribbles are from my children too)

Origianlly I came up with this for a quilt idea for the Little Quilts - Sew, Vote, Swap group (I think), but it never happened. obviously. I don't date all my ideas, but a few pages earlier I dated one August 2011, so about a year old. I am hoping to get this into fabric really soon! ...more like sooner than you think! (did you see my sneak peek from yesterdays' W.i.P. post?!) I'm excited to look back and have an excuse to start making my projects for reals. :) I'll keep you updated!

So what is on your list of items you want to make?

oh, and don't forget to grab a button! :)

from blank pages... linky party


  1. This is a great idea! Could be a double edge sword though. More ideas to add to our ideas. ;) ahhhhhh, the ever growing list.

  2. Great idea! Whoohoo and I am the first to link up! Had mt brainstorm today on the way to the store.

  3. Great idea Diane! Just today I thought I should share just some good links because I don't have time to make everything but someone else might have and find inspiration! This is really good, because so many great ideas remains in our notebooks and someone else could use them and create their own things! See you soon and every week! x Teje

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun! I'll have to remember to join in with it all =D

  5. Great idea! There's always a list of projects to make some day! This'll be a good way to keep track of them and maybe make them sooner rather than later!

  6. Great idea. Like you my list is ever long, my head is ever buzzing and more available time is ever short!!! I missed this first one but will be in the next one. Cheers, Karen


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