Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lots of Hugs and an Update on the Blog

I need to write everyone back and tell you THANK YOU for your comments on yesterdays post. I feel SO much better! I think writing about it helped me more than making the quilt, though that's not for me anyway, I'm really excited to send it off in the mail (tomorrow hopefully). I think the thing I have always had the hardest time from, is when people try to act like they like you but obviously don't. No one has to like anyone, so don't fake like you do. Anyway, that's another story that I'm not going to go into on this blog. lol. :)

On a happier note, I finally cleaned up and updated my Made It page! :) Right now it's only lists and links (I want to add some mosaics of everything), but wow! I've made way more stuff than I thought I have. I think there are a few more items that I have hidden in some other posts, so they aren't linked, but anyway. It's fun to look back at everything. (as well as highly amusing to see the silly things I made and remembering how I thought I was doing such an awesome job with my tutorials and pictures and posts. I'm sure I'll feel the same way in 2 years from now about what I'm doing right now. :)

On a sad note, I cannot find my bee blocks! (My Moody Blues blocks, the Candy Land blocks from do.Good Stitches, all my blocks from the 3x6 Bee and 4x5 Bee - they are all going into different projects - one I NEED to finish this week, and of course the rest are very soon. Not good.) In Utah I had them all in one fabric bag, and now I don't know where that is. I thought I had opened up all my sewing boxes, but perhapss not. I also kind of remembering seeing the bag already though, so it makes me super confused because it's not anywhere where I would have put it! Ahhh! I will be spending the rest of my morning searching for that bag. Wish me luck!

And to end on a happy note again, I made my first paper pieced Letters! SO fun! Those small pieces to curve out the corners are craziness though!

Attempting my first paper pieced letters. So far so good... Just one more to go. :)

I can't wait to get this blocked in so it looks a lot better. I totally forgot to reverse my patterns before I printed them though. oops. I ended up tracing the lines on the back of the paper for the "S", but I didn't on the "T" which means that It ended up a lot closer to the "O" than I wanted because my extra space is on the left side of the "T" instead of the right. Oh well, I love them. I'll be sharing more about this project in the next couple of days... if I can find my bee blocks! lol. I will either way.

Toys anyone?! :)
maybe maybe I'll make up a whole alphabet of these. Or maybe just show you how to make your own alphabet. :)

What have you been up to lately? Are you getting ready for August?!
 Yikes this summer has gone by fast.



  1. Hi Diane! I just read your post about the rainbow quilt and I can believe that you was thinking a lot while doing it. It's so beautiful and happy and I really hope it gives joy and strength to that small boy!
    Your letter are wonderful! I haven't still tried paper piecing ...
    x Teje

  2. I really hope you find those bee blocks. I'm sure they'll turn up in a very random place and you'll laugh about it afterwards.
    Loving the letter blocks! Will be looking forward to updates on that. =D

  3. I just peeked at your Made it page and DANG GIRL! haha keep it going:))))))))

  4. p.s. if you make a whole alphabet, you sould $sell$ it!! I mean, we all love freebies, but that is a lot of work!! People will pay for you to do the work for them! You have got an awesome start, though!

  5. Oh isn't that the worst part about moving - not being able to find things or thinking you have unpacked them, but where?!

    I love having a little sum up of things I've made. It reminds you of exactly how productive you have been!

    Loving the paper pieced letters! Well done!

  6. ack, I hope you find your bee blocks! reason #683 of why I hate moving- stuff not being in the right place! lol. Good luck in your hunt :)

  7. Those letters are terrific! I joined in Krista's DS proverbial quilt along. I've never done letters before and can't wait to start!!


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