Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some Digital Goodness

If you've been around my blog for a while you might have seen some of my dabbling in Digital Scrapbooking. (rolling my eyes. I'm horrible at it. lol.) But I do think it's fun! I really need to do something with all the pictures I take with my kiddos, and with three small ones there is no way I could ever do real scrapbooking and not have my paper and pictures end up all over the house. So digital it is!

One program I use is called My Memories. It's actually really cool. Way cheaper than Photoshop, and I REALLY like how it has all the customizing options on the side, as well as being able to have your folders open on the other side so you can easily add pictures without always having to have an "open" box covering your project. Basically, the layout is really nice.

:) I think I'll print this out and give it to the man to put in his office at work.

Ok, enough for a sales pitch. Not really, I just like it and I'm telling you why. :) Anyway, onto the good stuff... Every few weeks they come out with some different free downloads that I can share with all of you. Sometimes I don't really like them, and sometimes I'm too lazy to blog about them, but this week they are actually REALLY cute! So... I am going to share them with you so you can go download them. You don't have to buy the program to use them. They are compatible with any software, though you can download them to use with this software.

This time around, the downloads are bracket books!

Kit 1:

Kit 2:

Kit 3:

These links are only good for 2 weeks (from Monday) and then they will be something else. Just so if you find this later and these aren't there, you'll know.

If you are interested... these can be downloaded right into the software and then you can customize them any way you want. Otherwise they are just a jpg that you can print and use, but you won't be able to manipulate them in a different program. SO, and this is an affiliate link and I will get benefits if you use this code, but if you want to buy the software, you can get $10 OFF plus $10 CREDIT to their digital store for more goodies IF you use this code at checkout: STMMMS96392

The software comes with tons of goodies already, so you never need to buy anything else if you don't want to. and if you want to know, it costs $39.97 at regular price.

Anyway, I have some good tips and tutorials for how to put these together, but I don't know if anyone is interested in that. If you are I can post them - so LET ME KNOW. Because otherwise I won't. :) And maybe I'll share some more goodies in a few weeks!  

All-righty then. I hope everyone is having a great week! 
Let me know if you do digital scrapbooking.
 I would love any tips on what works for you. 
I am creatively challenged when it comes to that. ;)


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  1. I used to digital scrapbook. I think I still have the program on my laptop.
    It was a fun idea until I just grew out of it (mainly as I forgot about it for some time) =D


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