Wednesday, July 18, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday {7/18/2012}

There is SO MUCH going on! ok, coming up. I am SO excited! I've been doing a ton of behind the scenes stuff and I'm kind of peeing my pants! lol. I love all the people I'm working with, and hope to be able to share it all with you soon! All I can say is that it's going to be...


I've also got a little paper piecing prep going on...

This is the first time I've laid out a design like this, it's kind of fun and is definitely opening up a million possibilities in my brain for other projects. 

Part of this prep stuff is for an upcoming blog hop that is going to be awesome! It's happening over at Quiet Play. (and will be all of August.)

 Practically Paper Piecing

I just met Kristy, honestly, two days ago on Flickr, and she has mad skills. Check out these umbrellas! I think they're to die for! And I LOVE her red herring block! (it's free!) I'm so happy she invited me to come play with her even though we just met and she uses words I don't know the meaning to. (like squizz? what's that? lol. She's from Australia. go figure. ;) j/k.)

I do have some other projects I'm finishing up and working on as well.

Like organizing my fabric. We are not using this shoe hanger and I decided it would be a good place to keep my favorites, instead of hiding them away in bins, so maybe I'll actually use them one of these days.

Shoe hangers for fabrics. We'll see how this works.
Central Park anyone?! I think I've cut into two of these fabrics and have had them for well over a year or more. I think if I had an endless supply of this I would use it in EVERYTHING.
Oh wait, I mean Henna Garden I would use that in everything. Lifetime supply anyone?! (as in, anyone want to supply me with more of this?!) ;)

Stars and swirls with rainbow thread
I also finished quilting this lovely piece of rainbow. I even used rainbow thread. Tip: Don't sew/quilt if you are having an off day. It DEFINITELY shows in your work. :( I didn't do the best basting job, which led to a few puckers in the quilting. My worst experience ever. Though I guess it's good to say that's the worst job I've done so far, since it's not too terrible. Ok, I think there will be some unpicking in some parts, but hopefully not too much of it. I'll share more of what I learned with this one once it's finished and bound.

I did kind of scream when I received an email from Rhonda at Quilter in the Gap (ok, from The Fat Quarter Shop) saying I won the $75 gift certificate! WAHOO! THANK YOU!!! Does life get any better than this?! If only they carried Central Park  Henna Garden. heehee. I don't know what I'm going to spend it on. There are WAY too many awesome fabrics out there...

I need to start working on a block for Marika. As well as Polaroid blocks for this group! These will be perfect for the I-Spy sleeping bags I want to make for the kiddos! :) Hooray! I can't believe all the blocks are that are being made! They are SO cute! You should definitely go check it out!

I've also been doing some more unpacking, organizing, putting things away, cleaning. (and putting boxes back downstairs.) It's been nice! Batman finally came over as well!! HOORAY! The bats are finally leaving us! I will be able to do the laundry again (not that I love that, but I love that I don't have to wait for Neil to go get it and start a load when I need it. He's been my laundry slave. hee. He's awesome!)

What are you working on? Are you too busy playing and going on vacations? I wish. New job means no vacation time for Neil. plus it's hot. We are hoping to go to Nauvoo, IL this weekend though! The Nauvoo Pageant is going on right now until August 4th and I'm kind of excited to see what it's all about! Those crazy Mormons. ;) lol.

Ok, now I am off to make lunch, take a nap, sew, and play lots and lots with my awesome kiddos. They crack me up. 

linking up at Freshly Pieced
(I can't believe it's Wednesday again already!)



  1. That's such a great idea for fabric storage! I think I have a sweater one of those that I'm going to have to dig out and put to use!

  2. I think I need to take a nap after reading your post! I think I need to ditch my shoes and get one of those shoe hangers...I have a rail which isn't as practical...and the shoes fall off...
    Will be looking forward to seeing more progress on your projects =D

  3. Hehe too funny! I'm so glad you're on board for the blog hop - it's going to be lots of fun! Meanwhile, I'm now officially on a hunt for more words like squizz (I have no idea where it comes from but it means have a look!) for our future correspondence hehehe.

    Love the fabric storage idea - means you can admire the lovely fabric at the same time! Perfect idea!

  4. The paper piecing sketch looks very intriguing, I can't wait to see what you have come up with! The charm quilt is looking cute, I love how you have stars quilted in there! I know what you mean about sewing on off days, some days it seems like the project fights you every step of the way and it is best just to take a break! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  5. Love the fabric in the shoe organizer! Never would have thought of that. I know what you mean about sewing on an off day. I had a migraine yesterday, but tried to sew anyhow. Sewed the same piece of fabric on right side to wrong side FOUR times. At that point, I got it right. Tried the next piece & did the same thing. I quit after that. LOL.


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