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Celestial Star QAL: Link Up Your Final Projects HERE!!!

Celestial Star QAL with from blank pages...

Wahoo!! It's time to link up your final Celestial Star projects!! Can you believe it?! It got a little quiet there towards the end, but this has been such a fun QAL! I can't wait to see everyone's projects all together!!

PLEASE read the link up guidelines carefully!!!!!

There are different categories for linking up your projects. Please read through each category description before picking the category you want to enter in, as there are different options for how you can link up your projects. YOU CAN ONLY ENTER EACH PROJECT ONCE! Do not link up the same project in more than one category... see details for more info.

Before we get into all that, I want to go over the awesome prizes!!

First, I want to give a HUGE shout out to our sponsors who gave out prizes earlier in the QAL.

Pink Castle Fabrics

i don't do dishes  

Material Girl Quilts

For the Grand Prizes:

1 Block projects: 1 - $20 Gift Certificate donated by Westwood Acres 

2-4 Block projects: $50 Gift Certificate donated by the Fat Quarter Shop

5+ Block quilts: $50 Gift Certificate donated by I don't do dishes AND 1 - fat eight bundle of Mochi Linen dots donated by Knotted-Threads

More Grand Prizes: Winners will be picked at random from all entries.

Llama Fabrics
Fat quarter bundle of Butterfly Dance by Cinderberries donated by Llama Fabrics

Queen Bee Fabrics
Liberty Scrap Pack bundle donated by Queen Bee Fabrics

i don't do dishes
Birch by Joel Dewberry Charm Pack donated by I don't do dishes

How to Win!!

The categories are:
  • 1 Block
  • 2-4 Blocks
  • 5+ Blocks
The simple rules:
If you only made 1 block. Enter your project in the "1 Block" category.
If you made a quilt top with 2-4 Blocks, enter it in the "2-4 Blocks" category.
If you made a quilt top with 5 or more blocks, enter it in the "5+ Blocks" category.
pretty basic right?!

The Complex rules:
If you made 2 or more blocks that are in separate projects, say 3 pillows, you can enter them each individually in the "1 Block" category (creating 3 different entries), OR you can enter them all together in the "2-4 Blocks" category (1 entry), or a combination of the two (1 block entered in the 1 block category, and the other two blocks entered in the 2-4 Block category = 2 total entries). YOU MAY NOT ENTER THE SAME BLOCK IN TWO CATEGORIES! (if you enter 3 blocks in the second category, you can't enter one of those three blocks in the 1 block category. Got it?!) Same goes for the 5+ Blocks category.

Here are two of my finished pillows.
 (a pillow I made for a friend, I used the included border pattern with this one)

Say I was going to enter these two pillows. I could have two entries in the "1 Block" category, or one entry in the "2-4 Blocks" category.
IF your multiple blocks are sewn together in one project, like a quilt top, you may NOT break up the blocks individually and enter in separate entries. A single project counts as one entry only. Only separate projects may be combined into a single entry.

 Does that make sense??? I am not sure how many people made projects with 2-4 blocks, but I do know that a few people made more than one single item. SO this way I know there can be at least one entry in each category, if that ends up to be how it is... anyway.

More guidelines:
In this blog post I said I thought I remembered saying that a quilt top with 5+ blocks does not have to be quilted and bound, but the top does need to be finished to count. I tried to find which post I said that in, but I couldn't. But if I did, I'll stick to my word. A large quilt with this pattern is a lot of work, (trust me! I know!) so I think if you've finished an entire quilt top of blocks, it should still be eligible for a prize. SO for the "5+ Blocks" category, if it's a complete quilt top (NOT five or more individual blocks) it does NOT have to be a finished quilt. 

Sound good?!!

Alright, ready, Set, LINK UP!! :)

1 Block Projects



2-4 Blocks Projects



5+ Blocks Projects



Winners will be announced in a week from today, on Monday October 6th!

Good luck!! and thanks for joining me!!
I'll be sure to share the rest of my progress shots this week and my finished quilt by Monday!! :)


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  1. Still love this block despite not having time to kick on with finishing my remaining blocks. Never mind, I'll get to them eventually! Love your two finished cushions, they look great and so different to each other. It really is such a versatile block. Thanks for hosting this quiltalong even if I couldn't keep up!


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