Friday, July 1, 2011

Kaleidoscope QAL: Ready, Cut Sew

I finally finished cutting all my fabric last night! :) Yippy! I absolutely love the colors together!


(Though I only had a yard of the white, so I'll need to get some more. I think I should just buy a bolt because it seems like white is always a necessity and I never have enough.)

I like it so much I'm giving you two pictures of the exact same thing. :)

I also laid out two blocks before going to bed, just to get a little bit of an idea on how it's going to come together. I am SO EXCITED!!! I think it will turn out pretty good. And I really love everyone's pictures in the flickr group too. It's a lot of fun working on something with others, and especially seeing all the variations of the same pattern. :) Good times.


Every time my husband sees my piles, all he can say is, "That's a lot of fabric." :) Yup. :)


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  1. I had also finish cutting mine up last night but yours are in such neat piles, mine are just messy. Your blocks sure are looking good.


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