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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday #10

Wow, time is flying! I can't believe it's already past the middle of July! and I keep missing Wednesdays and I keep forgetting what I've finished, what I've already posted about, and what I'm trying to work on. ;)

I have a few things that I've finished by still need to bind:

First, that wedding present that I still can't show you yet.

Second, the Lola's Coin Quilt! I love this one. I just can't decided if I want to bind it in orange or this teal that matches so well.

IMG_2724  IMG_2725

What do you think??? Orange or Teal?

I think this is the best picture so far to see how I quilted it. Kind of random wonky straight lines, and then I love the outlines of the tree and flowers. :)

I also finished up all my mug rugs. (but then I started another one) :)

Can I also count that I finally patched my hubby's jeans? It's finished so I will say yes! :)

(for some reason I always throw unfinished projects in under my finished section. I don't know...)

In Progress:
My Kaleidoscope QAL quilt: Did you see how I made my design wall with the batting I'm going to be using for the quilt?! It is working out so well! It's so nice to just take a piece down, sew it, and put it back. I also love how fast it's coming together now that I'm sewing more pieces together! Though I still have to cut out some more white. I didn't have enough and had to order some more. But it's washed and ready to cut now. I am loving this!

New Projects:
Boy is this list going to be long. ;)

Mostly I've started a bunch of flickr group bee's and swaps. SO FUN!
First is the Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap. There are so many cute pouches being made and I can't wait to see what comes my way. It's tough though, the more people finish and post, the more comments my partner leaves and then I get more ideas of what I should make her, and what she would like.Right now I have two ideas. I think I'll just make them both and see what she wants. I'm sure the one she won't want I will be just fine keeping. :)

I also signed up for the For the Love of Solids [a Modern Swap]. I think this will be great and can't wait to get started. Check it out! Sign ups close today.

For the love of Solids - Inspiration 
Here's my mosaic that I put together. I think I would really like a big bag that I can throw towels in and head to the pool, or for other big activities like that. :) 

Then there is the do.Good Stitches Quilting Bee for charity. (click the link to learn more). We got our group about a week ago, and will start in August. The quilters each have a month that they pick a pattern and then everyone makes two blocks to send to them, then the quilter for that month pieces them all together, quilts it, and then we are sending them to Project Linus. Pretty cool! I am a quilter and am super excited! My first month is September and I already know what I want to do. I can't wait! :)

I guess that's all of those, but it's been fun getting started with them, and now time to get to work! ;)

I also have a few things to make for girl's camp in a few weeks! (Boy is that coming up fast!) Easy peasy - I need to cut strips of fabric to make slings for their water bottles. It really is such a great idea! They had them last year too. She simply put adam's rings around the necks of the plastic water bottles, and then made fabric strips long enough to put over your shoulder so they hang by your hip, and tied the ends to the adam's rings.  I also need to make up some tissue holders for the last night - because everyone always cries. ;)  I think I want to use this pattern I can't find what I was thinking about, but it has kind of S curved edges that help keep it closed . Trust me, it's cute. :) (just hope I can figure it out right.)

Quilts still waiting to be quilted:
Mabel's Quilt.

I think that's all that I can think of...

This weeks stats:
New Projects: 5
Completed Projects: 2
Currently in Progress: 10



  1. The applique trees on your quilt are really cute! I prefer the teal binding, but I'm not a fan of orange anyways so I'm slight biased away from it. I think the teal blends really nicely.

  2. You know what is crazy? I like it the way it is with half orange and half teal! But, that is me being crazy. I think the orange is prettier and pops seriously well.

  3. That is a swett, sweet coin quilt -- I say orange all the way!!!

  4. AWESOME quilt - love the trees!! I vote for teal if you only do one color, but like "My Life", I really like both. I think alternating spans of each color would look awesome.

  5. I vote for orange binding. I like when binding pops and acts as a frame. The quilt is lovely!


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